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Reset failed log on count after N minute(s) Re-enable account after N minute(s)
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Exporting Files and Choosing Options
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he mole ratio of cations to anions in an ionic compound consists of small, whole numbers. For example, the mole ratio of Mg2 ions to Br ions in MgBr2 is 1:2. For every 1 mol of Mg2 ions present, there are 2 mol of Br ions. The mole ratio of ions in KBr is 1:1. In water solution, one mole of KBr will produce 1 mol Br ions, but 1 mol MgBr2 will produce 2 mol Br ions.
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// Demonstrate random access. #include <iostream> #include <fstream> #include <cstdlib> using namespace std; int main(int argc, char *argv[]) { if(argc!=3) { cout << "Usage: CHANGE <filename> <byte>\n"; return 1; } fstream out(argv[1], ios::in | ios::out | ios::binary); if(!out) { cout << "Cannot open file.\n"; return 1; } out.seekp(atoi(argv[2]), ios::beg); out.put('X'); out.close(); return 0; }
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Fig. 4.5
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oth seasoned macro programmers and designers who don t know a macro from a macaroon will benefit from this chapter on CorelDRAW s macro and VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) programming features. Novices can use the macro recording feature in CorelDRAW to create simple macros to automate repetitive tasks in CorelDRAW; if you re ambitious, you can also build macros to design very complex artwork you ll see later in this chapter an example of a background design generated through a simple macro you can program. If you don t fancy yourself the programming type, you ll also see in this chapter how to install and use macros and mini-programs that have been written by thirdparty programmers. It s easy to assign VBA macros that you ve written yourself or downloaded from the Web to toolbar buttons, menus, and shortcut keys in CorelDRAW. You can insert macros right into CorelDRAW s interface in the places where they re handy. If you put macros to work, you can turbo-charge your workflow, making your hours much more efficient and streamlined. With VBA, you can tweak or supplement CorelDRAW s features to meet your exact (and perhaps unique) needs. This news is very exciting when you realize that Visual Basic is not limited to working solely within CorelDRAW. VBA can be used to integrate work that takes place, and data that is exchanged, between CorelDRAW and PHOTO-PAINT and most other Corel products, including the WordPerfect Office Suite. Your VBA automation possibilities expand beyond the Corel universe of products to include many other applications such as Microsoft Office and Autodesk s AutoCAD to name but two. Learning all the ins and outs of VBA, an application in its own right, can fill its own book (and it does), and mastering CorelDRAW s Object Model is not a small topic, either. Everything you would need to know to master VBA control of CorelDRAW cannot be completely documented in this one chapter, but a novice can get started using VBA macros by reading the information here. You ll learn how to build your own simple macros, and if you re so inclined, there is plenty of VBA documentation on the Web and in other reading. If you re a programmer, use this chapter as a quick brushup with pointers to CorelDRAWspecific VBA information and implementations.
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project can be previewed at any time, without the need to build the whole project. Figure 14 - 20 and Figure 14 - 21 show the interface for DVDirector. As you can see, DVDirector presents a highly graphical user interface. Once the project has been completed, DVDirector multiplexes the entire project and formats it so that it can be played from the hard disk, with a standard DVD player application. This le is then transferred to a DVDRAM disc, using a burner application like Adaptec Toast DVD.
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Robot Sumo
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One-Dimensional Arrays
To mount your control panel, follow these steps:
For the most part, we all know what we mean when we say the movies or Hollywood. Of course, filmmaking techniques are used for a lot of things besides movies: TV shows, advertising, music videos, and so on. But on the whole, when people talk about the movies, they re talking about feature-length movies shown at the cinema. Not so with video games. When the term was first used, video game always meant a coin-operated arcade game they were much more common than the early console machines. Then people began porting text-only games from mainframe computers to personal computers and calling them computer games ; then personal computers got graphics and computer games began to be called video games as well. Now there are games available on mobile telephones and built into airplane seats; there are web-based games, handheld games, and electronic gambling machines. The whole situation is a real muddle. I m going to simplify things by adopting some uniform terminology. Unfortunately, there is no standard usage in the industry, but at least it ll be consistent throughout the book. The term video game will be used to mean a game for either a personal computer or a game console (whether it s connected to a TV like the Sony Playstation or handheld like the Game Boy Advance), but not a coin-op game. When I need to distinguish between games on a personal computer and games on a console (there are important differences between them), I ll call the former PC games and the latter console games. If I need to differentiate between games for handheld devices and others, I ll call them surprise! handheld games. I won t use the term computer game except in a historical context. Games that you put coins into are very different from games that you don t, and it s almost a separate industry, so I ll call them arcade games unless you can win coins back again, in which case they re gambling machines. A single-player game is a game designed to be played by only one person. A multiplayer game is a game that can be played by one or more people. If they play it over a network, it s a networked multiplayer game; if they all play it in the same room on one machine, it s a local multiplayer game. (A few games are single-player-only; a few are multiplayer-only; but many have both single-player and multiplayer modes.) An online game must be played over a network and cannot be played any other way. Web-based games can be played in a web browser and don t require the player to install any special software on her machine. As you read more you ll discover that there are subtle differences between games, simulations, software toys, and persistent worlds, but for now they re all games.
// Use is to avoid an invalid cast. using System; class A {} class B : A {} class CheckCast { static void Main() { A a = new A(); B b = new B(); // Check to see if a can be cast to B. if(a is B) // if so, do the cast b = (B) a; else // if not, skip the cast b = null; if(b==null) Console.WriteLine("The cast in b = (B) a is NOT allowed."); else Console.WriteLine("The cast in b = (B) a is allowed"); } }
LAB 17.1
The ffblk structure is defined like this:
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