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Transporting Ethernet Packets over Copper
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Horizontal Dimensions
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Migrating to the Cloud
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Performance Speedway 2810 Algonquin Avenue Jacksonville, FL 32210 (904) 387-9858
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A Better Universe
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the number of packets being dropped because they exceeded the buffer limit if this is continually increasing, you will want to increase the block size for buffering. To clear the statistics, use the clear url-block block command. The show perfmon command shows you performance information for many important components of the appliance, including web content filtering performance. Here is an example:
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This section will introduce the two failover implementations: active/standby and active/ active. Active/Standby Failover Up through version 6 of the operating system, only active/ standby failover was supported. Both hardware and stateful failover are supported in this configuration. With the active/standby failover implementation, the primary security appliance assumes the active role, and the secondary appliance assumes the standby role. When an appliance is in an active state, it forwards traffic between interfaces; this is not true of the standby unit. An appliance in a standby state only monitors the active unit, waiting for a failover to take place and then cutting over to an active role. These two roles are shown in Figure 1-7. Active/Active Failover Starting in version 7 of the operating system, Cisco added a new failover implementation called active/active failover. Both hardware and stateful failover are supported in this configuration. With active/active failover, both security appliances can be processing traffic, basically taking advantage of the money you spent on both appliances as well as the bandwidth of the Ethernet cables connected to them.
Audio and Video Distribution
New York Heart Association Functional Classification of Heart Disease
There are numerous types of couplers. Some couplers couple light from a collimated source into either single-mode, multimode, or polarization-
NOTE Use the paradoxical challenge only with moderate to high selfmastery Eights; low self-mastery individuals may not be psychologically stable enough to handle the ambiguity inherent in paradoxes.
7.62 Standby Power Supplies
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