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Challenges remain. In terms of measurability, this is accomplished by software once an image is captured, but no standard measure exists measures are still being developed. Pure video-based techniques are subject to differences in clothing that could obscure the legs and feet. An individual s gait can change because of illness, aging, weight gain or loss, injury, and other factors (such as inebriation or use of a prosthetic device remember how General DeGaulle s would-be assassin disguised himself as a war amputee in Day of the Jackal). Also, people can be taught to walk differently. Only anecdotal evidence suggests that gait is truly distinctive. The techniques are not likely ever to be strong identifiers, however, the information could be helpful for related segmentation and classification tasks, such as finding human motion in surveillance video (for example, is that a human or a deer in the restricted area of the nuclear power plant ) or attempting to determine behavior (for example, running, walking, carrying heavy objects, and so forth). Gait is nonintrusive and, thus, desirable. However, the question of whether gait is unique has yet to be fully resolved. As Mark Nixon, a gait researcher said to MIT Technology Review, [F]or now, it looks encouraging, but before we go to application, we have to ask, what support is there for gait as a basic biometric 19 And, as the editor of MIT Technology Review duly notes, As the Bard would say, that is the question. This area has recently attracted great interest, and a number of algorithms and approaches have been developed.20 Previous studies were based on a small number of test subjects and it is not clear how the results scale to larger databases. Therefore, generalizing the findings is difficult. As such, data collection and testing efforts need to be intensified. Active research exists and DARPA has supported many such projects as part of its Human ID at a Distance initiative. Institutes of higher learning actively involved in gait recognition research include the University of Southampton, Carnegie Mellon University, Georgia Institute of Technology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the University of Maryland, and University of Southern Florida. For example, at the University of Maryland, Chiraz BenAbdelkader, Ross Cutler, and Larry Davis are studying an EigenGait approach that treats gait much like the Eigenfaces technique, discussed in 4, treats a face image, using PCA to reduce the dimensionality of the feature space, and then applying a supervised pattern classification technique in the reduced feature space for recognition. On a related research note, some cross-fertilization might exist from the field of biomechanics for sports, medical, and rehabilitation analysis. These techniques
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5.1.4 Reduced Rating Allowable Strengths of Materials
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The words and expressions listed below will be useful should you have to make a trip to a camera store.
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CLI Basics
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ammonia. Use LeCh telier s principle to explain how an equilibrium can be shifted so that atmospheric nitrogen can be combined with hydrogen to produce ammonia according to this equation. N2(g) 3H2(g) 3 2NH3(g) heat
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Table 11.3 summarizes where EoS and MSPP solutions best fit and do not fit in service provider access networks.
Flex ducts
Using Zipper distortion, the movable diamond marker represents the center origin, and the square marker to the right controls the amplitude value. Use the small rectangular slider on the dashed blue centerline to set frequency by moving it left or right. Dragging it right increases the frequency, adding more zigzag shapes to your object s path, while dragging it left does the opposite. You also have the opportunity with Zipper, unlike the fixed positions
ACL Numbers
Additional ODBC tracing information might be requested by Citrix Technical Support or the database vendor support team. The procedure to enable ODBC tracing depends on the database server software being used. To activate Microsoft SQL Server ODBC tracing: 1. 2. 3. 4. Launch the ODBC Data Source Administrator. Select the Tracing tab. Enter a path for the log file in the Log File Path box. Click Start Tracing Now to begin tracing. Click Stop Tracing Now to end tracing. Launch the Net8 Assistant. Select Configuration |Local|Profile. Select General from the drop-down box on the right pane. Use the Tracing and Logging tabs to configure ODBC tracing, as needed. Launch the DB2 Client Configuration Assistant. Select Client Settings |Diagnostics. Set the Diagnostic error capture level to 4 (all errors, warnings, and information messages).
system testing The portion of software testing where an entire system is tested. T-1 A common carrier standard protocol for transporting voice and data. T-1 can support up to 24 separate voice channels of 64 kbit/sec each and is used primarily in North America. T-3 A common carrier standard protocol for transporting voice and data. T-3 can support up to 672 separate voice channels of 64 kbit/sec each and is used primarily in North America. table A unit of storage in a relational database management system (rDBMS) that can be thought of as a list of records. See also relational database management system. tailgating A technique used by intruders who attempt to enter a building; they may follow an employee into a building without showing their own security credentials (for example, a keycard). tape management system (TMS) An information system that is used to manage tape media, usually for the purpose of performing information backup. See also backup. TCP/IP network model The four-layer network model that incorporates encapsulation of messages. The layers of the TCP/IP model are: Link Internet Transport Application The TCP/IP suite of protocols is built on the TCP/IP network model. technical control A control that is implemented in IT systems and applications. technical requirements Formal statements that describe the required technical characteristics that a system must support. technology standard A standard that specifies the software and hardware technologies that are used by the IT organization. TELNET A TCP/IP application layer protocol that is used to establish a commandline session on a remote computer. TELNET does not encrypt user credentials as they are transmitted over the network, and has been largely replaced by SSH. See also secure shell (SSH). terminal emulation A software program that runs on a workstation that emulates an older-style computer terminal.
If there are persistent leaks, turn the water off, unscrew the new valve, and wrap all the threaded portions with thread sealing tape, then reconnect. Thread sealing tape provides a watertight seal when connecting pipes.
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