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A protein is a polymer of amino acids, so to understand what a protein is, one first needs to understand what an amino acid is. An amino acid is a molecule that has a carbon atom with an amine group on one side and a carboxyl group on the other. This carbon atom is called the a-carbon (alpha carbon) to distinguish it as the place where the amine and carboxyl groups are attached. Since carbon atoms typically form four covalent bonds, that leaves two more covalent bonds for the a-carbon. One of those two bonds is formed with hydrogen. The other is formed with a group of atoms called the amino acid side chain. The side chain can vary greatly from one amino acid to another. The word chain in this context is not meant to imply a linear chain (as it did in the case of a hydrocarbon chain). Rather an amino acid side chain is simply a group of a few to about 20 or so atoms making up a specific structure. We call it a side chain by convention, because it hangs from the part of the molecule that defines the molecule as an amino acid. See Fig. 7-14. There are 20 different major amino acids found in living things, each with its own characteristic side chain. Some side chains are hydrophobic. Some are
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Data terminal concentrators. Data terminal concentrators (DTC), shown in Figure 2.18, are designed to connect serial terminals to a LAN. These can be placed out in the workplace, simplifying the installation and wiring for the terminals. The terminal believes it is talking to a computer via a serial link, but the computer (usually a minicomputer) is receiving the data through its LAN port. As data terminals are replaced by personal computers and workstations, DTC use should decrease. Testing one of these links will require both a LAN analyzer and a serial line analyzer. barcode generator
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Written June 2005. Clarifies Standard S1, Audit Charter, Standard S5, Planning, and Standard S6, Performance of Audit Work. This guideline provides additional information about privacy so that the IS auditor can properly consider privacy requirements, concerns, and laws during IS audits. The guideline includes details on the approach for personal data protection.
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Serial Cable: LBF Cable: State Cable:
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Some distributed monitoring agents are standalone hardware probes designed to connect to a network, passively monitor it, and send analysis data back to the management console. Other distributed monitoring agents are built into network interconnect devices such as routers and hubs. The data they collect also must be transmitted back to a management console. A distributed monitoring agent also could be software that resides on network nodes, using the node s network interface card (NIC) to monitor the network passively and send data back to the management console (Figure 15.5). The manager application can communicate with hundreds of managed devices. This communication is accomplished using a protocol known as SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol). For ease of use, the manager application generally provides a graphical user interface. A management information base (MIB) resides on the managed device and stores information, such as number of connections or speed of transmission. The agent resides on the managed device and communicates with both the manager and MIB. A distributed monitoring system should provide access to enough statistical information to perform baselines and benchmarks. At a minimum, this should include all network analysis information provided in the SNMP RMON and RMON 2 standards. Additional capabilities might be provided by the manufacturer using proprietary extensions to the MIB. Many network managers use distributed monitoring systems to baseline multiple network segments simultaneously for long sample periods with large sample intervals.
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Contact your BusinessObjects Enterprise administrator to modify your database credentials (see 13). When Web Intelligence refreshes a query, it refreshes the entire result set. For example, let s assume you have a document that shows year-to-date sales. The data source is from a data warehouse updated on a daily basis. A report author originally ran the query last week and sent you the results. Your version of the report is therefore out of date by a week. You refresh the query. This rebuilds the entire microcube (refer back to Figure 18-2); the microcube does not incrementally add one week of data. For smaller queries, this is not important, as the results may be returned in a few seconds. Other queries, however, may take quite a long time to run. The status bar in the Report Window displays when a data provider was last refreshed and also displays if only partial results were returned.
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Inheritance, Virtual Functions, and Polymorphism
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Lasso tool
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Edit print merge fields
EXAMPLE 9: Synthesis of a Three-Dimensional Surface A rectangular grid data set of 7 7 displacement constraints for the follower is assumed as in Table 5.8. To guarantee continuity of the fourth derivative of the motion function (i.e., to ensure that derivative of jerk is continuous), the orders of the B-spline surface are chosen to be six in both parametric directions of rotation and translation. A uniform knot sequence in the f2 direction is adopted as
1 2 3 4 5 6 102.0 10 60.0% 80.0% 4.0% 140.0 20.0 50.0
FIGURE 12-12
Citrix XenApp Client Configuration and Deployment
MATH NOTE In mathematics, it is common to write ln x rather than loge x. YOU TRY IT Calculate log3 27 + log5 ( 1/25) log2 8.
// Bring only a few names into the global namespace. #include <iostream> // gain access to cout and cin using std::cout; using std::cin; int main() { double val; cout << "Enter a number: "; cin >> val; cout << "This is your number: "; cout << val;
Multiple constrictions of the hair shaft alternating with elliptical nodosities that look like a pearl necklace A high tendency to fracture, which gives hair a stubblelike appearance Hair shafts bend regularly in multiple places and curving in different directions regularly bended ribbon sign
Disposal 0.1 Water heater 1.0 Wall oven 0.75 Stovetop cooking unit 0.75 Refrigerator 1.0 Freezer 1.0 Ice maker 0.5 Dishwasher 0.25 Clothes washer 0.25 Clothes dryer 0.25 Trash compactor 0.1 Air compresser 0.1 Battery charger 1.0 Vacuum system 0.1 Sum of other xed appliances Total of Lines 13 27; if more than three xed appliances, 0.6
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