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if(10 < 11) Console.WriteLine("10 is less than 11");
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Method public virtual bool ContainsKey(object key) public virtual bool ContainsValue(object value) public virtual IDictionaryEnumerator GetEnumerator( ) public static Hashtable Synchronized(Hashtable table)
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User data is formed and presented to the Application layer. From there it is passed down through the successively lower layers of the model to the Physical layer, which sends it across a link. At layers 7 through 2, information used by processes at each
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his chapter examines three innovative C# features: delegates, events, and lambda expressions. A delegate provides a way to encapsulate a method. An event is a notification that some action has occurred. Delegates and events are related because an event is built upon a delegate. Both expand the set of programming tasks to which C# can be applied. The lambda expression is a relatively new syntactic feature that offers a streamlined, yet powerful way to define what is, essentially, a unit of executable code. Lambda expressions are often used when working with delegates and events because a delegate can refer to a lambda expression. (Lambda expressions are also very important to LINQ, which is described in 19.) Also examined are anonymous methods, covariance, contravariance, and method group conversions.
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3. Thinking Critically Explain how ionic compounds, which do not conduct electricity in
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5. Using either tool, click your cursor directly on the first node you defined. This
Evolution of Database Technology
Connections WiMAX is a connection-oriented protocol, where all communications between two devices are in the context of a predefined connection. Connections are used for user data, management, and multicast and broadcast traffic. This is unlike many other networking protocols, such as Ethernet and WiFi, which are connectionless and are often contention based. Each connection is identified by a Connection ID (CID). The 16-bit CID allows for 64K connections in each channel, some of which are reserved for specific purposes such as broadcast traffic and initial ranging. There can be (and there always are) multiple connections between a BS and SS, while a common CID may be used for communication between a BS and multiple SSs (for multicast and broadcast traffic). Connections (and CIDs) are very central to the operation of WiMAX MAC. All services (and service flows, which are discussed in the following section), including management services, are associated with their unique connection. Services provided to higher layer protocols are mapped to specific connections. Connections are also the entities for which bandwidths are requested and reserved. They are also used for the purpose of classification and scheduling to ensure that service levels and fairness are maintained. CIDs, instead of MAC addresses, are used during transmission of the data over-the-air interface to uniquely identify the source and destination of the packet. Each SS always has at least two pairs of connections that are established during its initialization. These connections are used exclusively to exchange MAC management information between the BS and SS. A third pair of management connections may also be established for the purpose of transporting standards-based management protocol
Figure 9-1: You can view and organize your images with the Photoshop Elements Organizer.
priority mode, switch to landscape mode to maintain a large depth of field; switch to portrait mode to maintain a shallow depth of field, where only your main subject is in focus.
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contain products from the fact table. The result set is a list of products for which there are no records in the fact table. The following example uses the Island Resorts Marketing universe to identify customers who have stayed in both the Hawaiian Club resort and the French Riviera resort. 1. When creating a combined query, first evaluate the result objects in your main query. If you are using INTERSECT, ensure that it does not contain any result objects for dimensions that you will use as a condition. In this example, select Customer Origin and Customer as result objects. 2. Insert your query filter as Resort In List Hawaiian Club. 3. Select the Combine Query button from the toolbar. 4. Web Intelligence opens a Combined Query pane as shown in Figure 23-8. By default, the operator is a UNION. Double-click UNION to change it to INTERSECT. 5. Ensure that you are positioned within Combined Query 2. Insert your query filter as Resort In List French Riviera. 6. You can continue to add additional queries to identify customers who have stayed at all three resorts by selecting the Combined Query button. If at any point you need to remove a Combined Query, select the particular Combined Query from the pane, right-click and select Remove. When prompted, click Yes to confirm that you wish to remove the combined query. 7. Once you are satisfied with each of your combined queries, select Run Query. Note that the dimension for which you want to retrieve multiple values, Resort, should appear only in the query filters. If it appeared in the result objects, no rows would return, as these values are mutually exclusive. Also, if you do not have the same result objects when running an intersection query, you will receive an error message:
argc and argv Arguments to main( )
#include <iostream> using namespace std; void f1(); int main() { char str[] = "this is str in main()"; cout << str << '\n'; f1(); cout << str << '\n'; return 0; } void f1() { char str[80]; cout << "Enter something: "; cin >> str; cout << str << '\n'; }
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