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6.4.2 How to read an ATS in TTCN
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4: IT Life-Cycle Management
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If you re an enthusiast, you of course want the best camera you can buy. Who doesn t But who can always afford the best Make some sensible compromises.
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Initial commercial markets for iris scanning were mostly geared toward physical access applications. These applications are characterized by having a relatively small population of enrolled users and fairly infrequent identification events. Thus, a single modern PC easily provides sufficient processing power and storage capacity to support them. An access control unit produced by IrisScan is shown in Figure 5-2. With growth in security markets, equipment manufacturers and security integrators have aggressively pursued the broader space of authentication and identification applications, including desktop authentication, secure banking, biometrics on access cards, passenger screening, and even remote surveillance. In 2000, the Charlotte/Douglas International Airport in conjunction with EyeTicket of McLean, Virginia, piloted iris recognition for pilot access and passenger screening. (For more information, go to As with any biometric, the advantages and disadvantages of iris identification depend heavily on the application and the intended target environment. From a pure technology standpoint, iris representation and matching techniques are elegant and refined and the systems have been well tested in a variety of environments ranging from cozy offices to ship decks in the military. Iris identification is a known accurate technique with transaction time for trained
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MAC data path Dual transit queue
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Solutions to Exercises
The normal connection process for a user in proximity to Fort Lauderdale when using Web Interface is as follows: 1. The user opens a browser on a client device and enters the FQDN for the Fort Lauderdale Web Interface server, WIFTL.XYZ.COM. 2. The client authenticates to Web Interface. 3. Web Interface contacts the first server in the server location settings for Web Interface. In this case, the first server in the list is the local data collector in Fort Lauderdale. 4. The data collector returns a list of applications to which the user has access and displays it in the browser.
9.2.1 ISDN Physical layer
Figure 5.2.4 Structural frame. (Image courtesy of RQ Construction.)
Logical Path
FIguRE 6-4 Two ways to go from conformation A to conformation B. (a) rotation. (b) Bending.
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