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The First Sample Program, Line by Line
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Jake deeply desires recognition and in uence; however, his lateness and lack of preparation create the impression that he does not take the work seriously, thus undermining both the recognition he receives and the amount of in uence he wields in the rm.
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// Demonstrate an anonymous method that returns a value. using System; // This delegate returns a value. delegate int CountIt(int end); class AnonMethDemo3 { static void Main() { int result; // Here, the ending value for the count // is passed to the anonymous method. // A summation of the count is returned. CountIt count = delegate (int end) { int sum = 0; for(int i=0; i <= end; i++) { Console.Write(i + " "); sum += i; } return sum; // return a value from an anonymous method }; result = count(3); Console.WriteLine("\nSummation of 3 is " + result); Console.WriteLine(); result = count(5); Console.WriteLine("\nSummation of 5 is " + result); Console.WriteLine(); } }
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As you can see, creating a standard or extended named IP ACL is similar to creating a numbered one. Once you have created your extended numbered IP ACL, you must activate it on your IOS device s interface with the ip access-group command, referencing a name instead of a number.
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on the scholarship of Ethan Katsh, has defined privacy in this context as the power to control what others can come to know about you. 12 As Lessig explains, others can acquire information about you by monitoring and searching. Monitoring refers to that part of one s daily existence that others see, observe, and can respond to. Searching refers to that part of one s life that leaves a record that can later be scrutinized. Noting both quantity and quality aspects to informational privacy, a federal appellate court has phrased it in terms of, control over knowledge about oneself. But it is not simply control over the quantity of information abroad; there are modulations in the quality of knowledge as well. 13 U.S. government biometric programs could potentially require government employees, along with many others, such as citizens, and taxpayers, to be compelled to provide biometric identification information to a government agency for collection, maintenance, use, and dissemination in government-controlled databases. Such government-mandated use of biometrics implicates physical and informational privacy concerns and, to a lesser extent, decisional privacy concerns.
If you re at a four-year university or some other institution with a broad educational basis, there will be a great many other resources you can take advantage of and subjects you can study. Some, of course, will be mandated by the school s distribution requirements. The following sections contain a list of subjects that I think are particularly valuable for incipient game developers, in addition to the ones described in the previous section.
The value and usefulness of a high-quality set of disaster response and continuity plans and procedures will be greatly diminished if those responsible for carrying out the procedures are unfamiliar with them. A person cannot learn to ride a bicycle by reading even the most detailed how-to instructions on the subject, so it s equally unrealistic to expect personnel to be able to properly carry out disaster response procedures if they are untrained in those procedures. Several forms of training can be made available for the personnel who are expected to be available if a disaster strikes, including Document review Personnel can carefully read through procedure documents, to become familiar with the nature of the recovery procedures. But as mentioned earlier, this alone may be insufficient. Participation in walkthroughs People who are familiar with specific processes and systems that are the subject of walkthroughs should participate in them. Exposing personnel to the walkthrough process will not only help to improve the walkthrough and recovery procedures, but will also be a learning experience for participants. Participation in simulations Taking part in simulations will similarly benefit the participants by giving them the experience of thinking through a disaster. Participation in parallel and cutover tests Other than experiencing an actual disaster and its recovery operations, no experience is quite like
where each part Si is a polygonal portion of a plane. The integral formulas thus can be approximated as
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Figure 6-18. (Continued)
1. Consider the node shown in Fig. 2-18. Find the unknown current if i 2 = 7 A and i 3 = 4 A.
Setting Outline Arrowheads
In 32-bit Windows, memory is limited to the 32-bit address space, thus limiting the amount of virtual memory that can be directly addressed to 4GB (232). This 4GB of addressable memory is divided into two equal parts: 2GB allocated to processes and 2GB allocated to the operating system that is used for the kernel memory, system cache, and drivers. The /PAE switch in the Boot.ini file can be enabled to increase the physical memory on the server. This switch allows Windows Server 2003 to take advantage of the Physical Address Extensions (PAE) of x86 processors. Using the /PAE switch can be beneficial in situations where servers are not kernel memory bound and the published applications use large amounts of memory. The memory enabled with the /PAE switch is allocated to the user space while the kernel is still limited to 2GB. There is also a small kernel memory cost because the operating system needs to track this additional memory in the form of PTEs (Page Table Entries). Note that the /PAE switch requires programmers to use the Address Windows Extensions (AWE) application programming interface (API) to take advantage of the memory.
The heart of most organizations business operations are not computers, machinery, or buildings, but people. People design and operate business processes; they design, build, and operate IT systems; they support processes and systems and help to improve them over time. And while people are an organization s greatest asset, they may also be a source of significant risk. People are entrusted with access to sensitive information, and entrusted to design and create information systems to manage sensitive information properly. But an employee in a position of trust can betray that trust and cause a tremendous amount of damage to the organization s operations and long-term reputation. Trust is the key: Organizations provide access to sensitive information, trusting that their employees will honor that trust and treat information properly. The trust is reciprocal: Employees also trust that their employer will treat them with respect and pay them a fair salary. Organizations need to take several measures to mitigate human resource related risks. These measures are described in the remainder of this section.
Figure 1-6
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