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Chemistry: Matter and Change 13
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Figure 5-9: Operator service impacts
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1. Which of the following is false concerning VLANs A. B. C. D. A VLAN is a broadcast domain. A VLAN is a logical group of users. A VLAN is location-dependent. A VLAN is a subnet.
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This solitary lesion was found on the anterior thigh of a 53-year-old woman. 1. The clinical appearance and presence of multiple milia-like cysts diagnose a pigmented seborrheic keratosis. 2. Peripheral globules identify a melanocytic lesion. 3. Bluish-white color and an irregular black blotch filling most of the lesion are red flags for concern. 4. Milia-like cysts are usually white or yellow and not bluish-white. 5. It is hard to decide if this is a heavily pigmented seborrheic keratosis or a melanoma which is an indication to make a histopathologic diagnosis.
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RIPng uses UDP port 521 for its connections. Its destination multicast address is FF02::9.
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5: Astonish
they know this information. But I also know human nature. If I ran an article about a new law that increases their exposure, they d toss the newsletter aside not because they don t want to know, but because they d hope to avoid it a little bit longer. So what I did was position the information in a positive way. I used a headline that read Five Strategies You Can Use Now. The introductory paragraph read The ve strategies detailed below can help protect you from liability. It s under your control. Then I began with a Q&A. Instead of asking Do you want to know your liability I phrased it as What can I do to avoid liability Every question was worded as a positive or neutral statement. Procedure Manuals Procedure manuals often force employees to read through long-winded narratives lled with legalese. Consider using a Q&A organizational structure instead. Amy, director of computer services for an entertainment conglomerate, said, I organized the entire procedure manual using a category organizational structure. Within each category, I used a Q&A organizational structure. It worked well. In fact, it was so effective that, during a recent revision, I added an index that listed all the questions covered in the manual by category. I made sure that all the questions were positive. I wanted to highlight certain policies, and I positioned those questions rst. For example, in the section that detailed our policy against sending jokes or cartoons, I wanted to highlight that our concern is to protect against viruses, not to sti e humor or imply that cartoons are a waste of time. After all, we re an entertainment company. Instead of Why can t I send jokes or cartoons via E-mail I phrased it as How can I help protect the company against viruses Note how important it is to choose words carefully. Simply avoiding a negative word ( can t ) and using positive words ( help protect ) conveys an upbeat message.
Part One Introduction to Database Environments
It s All About Power
PowerDesigner 10
A tele-operated robot named Rover provides video feedback to the operator as to its actual position. (courtesy of Acroname)
A little later in this chapter we ll drill down into some vendor-specific solutions, but let s take a 20,000-foot aerial view of some of the Software plus Services offerings that prevalent companies have. Microsoft Microsoft offers Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Outlook, Windows Azure, and Azure Services Platform. Windows Azure is a collection of cloud-based services, including Live Framework, .NET Services, SQL Services, CRM Services, SharePoint Services, and Windows Azure Foundation Services for compute, storage, and management. Adobe Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) brings Flash, ActionScript, and MXML/Flex to the PC. Using AIR, vendors can build desktop applications that access the cloud.
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