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Thread Priorities
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CHAPTER 7 Methods of Integration
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FIGURE 23-11
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Figure 19-2. Two-node cluster
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Delivery modes for video
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Navigating Pages, Objects, and Layers
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The legal aspects of implementing building information modeling have been an area of concern to many owners, A&Es (architects and engineers), general contractors and subcontractors. Issues related to model ownership and responsibility for model accuracy, as well as concerns about the responsibility for the cost of producing and managing the model, top the list of perceived legal obstacles to embracing the BIM process. Current contracts for design and construction services rarely address modeling issues. Current contracts also do not address the sharing of the benefits (or risks) from this additional efficiency (and reduced project risk) among the project team members. It is common for the design consultants, the general contractor, or subcontractors to implement BIM at their own cost and risk. But given that the project is likely to actually cost less (and the fact that so many in the industry are so anxious to implement BIM bears this out), it is often the owner who benefits the most from the improvements due to the BIM process. It would be wise for the industry to develop a contracting method whereby all participants on the project team would share in the benefits from the improvements resulting from the BIM management techniques, thus placing the contract in the position to provide the incentive for collaboration and risk reduction. In Australia and some European countries, the construction industry is using contracts between the project team members in which litigation is disallowed, except in cases involving criminal or other extreme actions. The team members agree up front that they will work out all project problems by negotiation among themselves, and all will benefit (or suffer) equally from the decisions made by the project team. It is important to remember that the owner is also one of the project team members. It is critical that some methods be developed in which the contract will actually encourage the type of collaboration required to take the best advantage of the BIM process. In California, Sutter Health is planning a large amount of new construction and has shown an interest in these new contracting approaches. Until recently, most developments in
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The Infinite Loop
5.7.7 Evaluation of Wind Effects Mw During Construction
Mixed Upgrade Scenarios
SOLUTION The slope of the tangent line will be the derivative. Now f (x) = [x] ex + x ex
Measuring and Drawing Helpers
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