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Reading C++ Inheritance Graphs
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In a work environment where users have different versions of CorelDRAW, it s a good idea when you save a file to also save a copy of the file in Corel s CMX (Corel Media Exchange) file format. CMX is covered later in this chapter, and it s your gateway to saving copies of files from version X4 that users of CorelDRAW version 5 can open.
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2. This value is typically used when evaluating overweight permit vehicle moves. Operating rating: Operating rating will result in the absolute maximum permissible load level to which the structure may be subjected for the vehicle type used in the rating. This rating determines the capacity of the bridge for occasional use. Allowing unlimited numbers of vehicles to subject the bridge to the operating level will compromise the bridge life. 3. Posting rating: The posting rating is the capacity rating for the vehicle type used in the rating. It is a load level which may safely utilize an existing structure on a routine basis for a limited period of time. The posting rating for a bridge is based on inventory level plus a fraction of the difference between inventory and operating. This may lead to load restrictions of the bridge or identi cation of components that require rehabilitation or other modi cation to avoid posting of the bridge. 4. Preparing a load rating report: A load rating report shall include the following: Material properties Loading assumptions Plans or sketches showing all properties and assumptions Printout of computer data le(s) where appropriate Documentation of structural model used in analysis Inventory, operating, and posting summary for HS-20 and all legal loads Electronic copies of data le(s).
4: Bridges and Switches
Transmission direction
21.3.1 Fiber optic media technology
The C# Language
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