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ch = '\t'; printf("%c this is a test\n", ch);
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Calling OnSomeEvent( ) causes all registered event handlers to be called. In this case, there is only one registered handler, but there could be more, as the next section explains.
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Now that you have an Access Gateway appliance up and running on the network, it might seem like a good idea to get some users connected to it and to the resources on the network. The two types of access we address here are the SSL VPN and remote access to XenApp applications using the SSL Proxy. We also look at the SmartAccess function in a little more detail.
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9: Complications of Pregnancy
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There are many techniques for migrating data from PCs back to the data center, depending on the infrastructure and service-level agreements. It is important to come up with a universal method where possible. In a local area network environment, the bandwidth should be sufficient to copy the data directly to the servers. If a wide area network has sufficient bandwidth to copy files to the data center, this methodology will be the easiest to use. Your first impulse might be to copy the user data over the network to the data center. In a large, distributed organization with many offices, this could quickly cripple the network. Sometimes simple methods are the best ones. After trying many sophisticated methods, we ve found the following works well: 1. Tell the users that they will have access to their current working files immediately, and the rest of the data on their hard disks in 48 hours, as part of the deployment SLA. 2. Make sure the users accounts and login environment are ready. 3. From the users desktops, copy their working files across the network to the data center. The data allowance for this copy should be small perhaps 5MB to 10MB maximum. Most users will have far less data than this. 4. Using a prepared boot disk and a parallel-attached backup device, reboot the PC and copy the contents to the removable media. NOTE: There are many options when deciding what to copy to the media in such an operation. If users have been using Windows for a while, most of their data is probably in the My Documents folder. Rather than guess, it is better to copy all data except the Windows directory. Program files, of course, should not be copied.
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/* This code will not work. */ money = "penny";
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C# 3.0: A Beginner s Guide
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The output from this program is shown here:
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-Fig. 4-5
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Stress distribution on cam cylindrical roller and at-faced followers.
number of simultaneous calls in and out of the IP network at each MG. Recall, however, that the DS1s to our LD partner network represent traffic that arrives at an MG from the LEC and is routed directly to the LD partner. Therefore, when considering the bandwidth to the IP network at an MG, we should take the total number of DS1s to and from the LEC and subtract the total number of DS1s to our partner network. The resulting number of DS1 enables us to determine the maximum number of simultaneous calls to and from the IP network at each gateway. As described previously, we cannot simply multiply the maximum number of simultaneous calls by the voice activity factor (40 percent) and use the result as a basis for calculating our VoIP bandwidth demand. We should use a binomial probability function to accommodate for a situation where more than 40 percent of the users are speaking at a given instant. The results of these calculations are shown in Table 9-8. The column Max. calls for VoIP bandwidth planning (x) is calculated based on a voice activity factor of 40 percent and a probability of 99.9 percent that no more than x per-
If there is a separate chassis, or case, ground (usually a wing nut labeled Gnd ), then:
nat-control nat (inside) 1 nat (dmz) 1 global (outside) 1 netmask ciscoasa(config)# global (dmz) 1 netmask ciscoasa(config)# ciscoasa(config)# ciscoasa(config)# ciscoasa(config)#
Table 5.7 LRFD primary and secondary load combinations for superstructures. Primary Loads Dead Loads (Components Wearing Surface) (DC1 DC2) Secondary Loads Live Loads Wind on Erection Concrete Temperature Support and Friction Superstr. LL Load Properties Gradient Settlement (WS) (WL) (EL) (TU) (CR SH) (TG) (SE)
The Magnify lens produces a straightforward and predictable effect, but it can make underlying objects larger or smaller, depending on the settings you enter for the Rate value. The Rate can be set within a range of 0.1 to 100, where values between 1 and 100 cause increased magnification and values less than 1 cause reduced magnification. Figure 22-8 shows one of scores of creative possibilities for putting a magnifying glass in a drawing. In a nutshell, the Magnify lens is excellent for calling out details in a product: a gear, the fine print on a bottle, the exquisitely crafted detail in a wristwatch. In this figure, an ellipse was drawn over a title on the tabletop jukebox. The Magnify Amount is 3.5, and it s clear that
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