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To set up and verify the operation of the CSC-SSM card, you must use ASDM. Unlike the AIP-SSM card, which can be accessed via the backplane of the ASA or through the external Ethernet interface on the card, the CSC-SSM card lacks any physical interfaces: almost all access to it must be made via the backplane of the ASA using ASDM. However, you can place a basic configuration on it using a CLI so that the rest of the configuration can be accomplished using ASDM (this is somewhat similar to the AIP-SSM card). Basically the following information needs to be configured either via the CLI or ASDM before the card can be used: a subscription activation key; a management IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway address; a DNS server address; a host and domain name; an e-mail and SMTP server address for e-mail notifications; addresses allowed to manage the card; and a new management password. Here s an example of accessing the CLI of the card and placing a basic configuration on it:
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This means the reproduction of the essential features of something, for example, as an aid to study or training or the construction of a mathematical model to reproduce the characteristics of a phenomenon, system, or process, often using a computer, in order to infer information or solve problems (Encarta World English Dictionary). In our sense of the word it will refer to the computer representations of objects and processes related to construction projects. Also see Virtual.
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assume that our SGs will be BHCA limited, with a BHCA capacity of 500,000 BHCA (not an unreasonable number for a carrier-grade machine). From Table 9-4, we can see that a single SG would have the capacity to support the whole network. We would never allow a single point of failure on our network, however. Therefore, we will deploy two SGs, each of which will be connected to both MGCs. Given that we have placed our two primary MGCs at cities 2 and 9, it is reasonable to place our SGs at the same locations. From the foregoing discussions, our MG-MGC allocation and SG-MGC allocation are as shown in Figure 9-4. Figure 9-4 also assumes that we have chosen to place our EMS in City 8.
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Kirchhoff s Laws and Resistance
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audit report The final, written product of an audit. An audit report will include a description of the purpose, scope, and type of audit performed; persons interviewed; evidence collected; rates and methods of sampling; and findings on the existence and effectiveness of each control. audit scope The process, procedures, systems, and applications that are the subject of an audit. authentication The process of asserting one s identity and providing proof of that identity. Typically, authentication requires a user ID (the assertion) and a password (the proof). However, authentication can also require stronger means of proof, such as a digital certificate, token, smart card, or biometric. authorization The process whereby a system determines what rights and privileges a user has. automatic control A control that is enacted through some automatic mechanism that requires little or no human intervention. availability management The IT function that consists of activities concerned with the availability of IT applications and services. See also IT service management. back door A section of code that permits someone to bypass access controls and access data or functions. Back doors are commonly placed in programs during development but are removed before programming is complete.
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The following Self Test questions will help you measure your understanding of the material presented in this chapter. Read all the choices carefully, as there may be more than one correct answer. Choose all correct answers for each question.
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Password Manager Service
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need to be constructed, and the entire superstructure needs to be transported as one piece requiring a single operation. The superstructure may be dismantled piece by piece and reassembled at another location. One example is that of the historic London Bridge, which was relocated to the U.S. at a considerable expense. In other situations when huge reservoirs are created to prevent inundation, selected bridges downstream may be removed to an alternate site. Application of high capacity cranes, dollies, and heavy duty trucks needs to be investigated for feasibility of moving and transporting the superstructure to a new location.
Carrier Ethernet
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