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IEEE 802.16 has been an active standardization body, working on the standardization since 1999, and it continues to do so. Standardization is an ongoing process that is constantly either adjusting the standard or adding additional features. As it continues to standardize the protocol, there are also industry consortiums that are working together to facilitate growth in this field.
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1. Open the pull-down menu Tools | Aggregate Navigation.
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Application Installation and Configuration
Figure 6-37 A chart with both a left and right axis, allowing for two very different measures to be displayed on the same grid. While similar to the Analytics Chart shown in Figure 6-14, ProClarity s charts offer more customization.
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Use the encapsulation command to specify the trunk type and the VLAN associated with the subinterface. The VLAN number you specify here must correspond to the correct VLAN number in your switched network. You must also set up a trunk connection on the switch for the port to which the router is connected. Once you do this, the switch will send tagged frames to the router, and the router, using your encapsulation, will understand how to read the tags. The router will be able to see from which VLAN the frame came and match it up with the appropriate subinterface that will process it. Remember that only a few of Cisco s switches today support ISL: all of them support 802.1Q, which is denoted with the dot1q parameter.
This statement invokes the AreaPerPerson( ) method on house. That is, it calls AreaPerPerson( ) relative to the object referred to by house, by use of the dot operator. When a method is called, program control is transferred to the method. When the method terminates, control is transferred back to the caller, and execution resumes with the line of code following the call. In this case, the call to house.AreaPerPerson( ) displays the area-per-person of the building defined by house. In similar fashion, the call to office.AreaPerPerson( ) displays the area-per-person of the building defined by office. Each time AreaPerPerson( ) is invoked, it displays the area-per-person for the specified object. There is something very important to notice inside the AreaPerPerson( ) method: The instance variables Area and Occupants are referred to directly, without use of the dot operator. When a method uses an instance variable that is defined by its class, it does so directly, without explicit reference to an object and without use of the dot operator. This is easy to understand if you think about it. A method is always invoked relative to some object of its class. Once this invocation has occurred, the object is known. Thus, within a method, there is no need to specify the object a second time. This means that Area and Occupants inside AreaPerPerson( ) implicitly refer to the copies of those variables found in the object that invokes AreaPerPerson( ).
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Monitoring the network means that information on every single packet on every single segment can be monitored, collected, and stored. Data collectors bank the information according to a set of industry standards; they sort, count, and store various pieces of information that will prove useful for some aspect of network management. With the limited storage capacity inherent in most data collectors, it s crucial to decide which data is important and should be collected and which data is irrelevant to the task at hand. Corporations with many of segments need to prioritize the pieces of information critical to IT; otherwise they quickly become inundated with unnecessary data. This results in the cost of network analysis potentially exceeding the actual cost of the network. Some of the most important measurements that should be gathered are:
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