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If you have forgotten the password to access the appliance, as with IOS devices, you can break into it if you have console access. The following sections will discuss how to disable the password recovery process in insecure environments as well as how to perform the password recovery process on a PIX and ASA (the two use different methods).
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The appliance uses neighbor solicitation messages, via ICMPv6, on local links (connected networks) to discover the link-layer (data link layer) addresses, like MAC addresses, of other neighbors on the same local link. These are sent to the solicited node multicast address, where all neighbors on the local link will respond with a neighbor advertisement message, via ICMPv6. This is a unicast response that contains the source address of the neighbor and a destination address of the appliance interface. The payload contains the responder link-layer address. Once the appliance receives the response, it can contact the neighbor directly. This process is similar to what IPv4 does by using ARP, except that IPv6 is using ICMPv6 for this process. You can use the clear ipv6 neighbors command to remove the dynamically learned neighbor information. Besides being used to discover a neighbor, neighbor solicitation messages are used for these two reasons: They verify the reachability of an existing neighbor. They are sent when a link-layer address on a device, like a MAC address, changes. The messages are used to update the IPv6-to-link-layer address tables on all the connected neighbors on the local link.
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VoIP and SS7
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The effect of these timing impairments is minimized by coupling the transmission link to the receiving node through an elastic buffer. The incoming data is read into the buffer by a recovered clock and read out by the local clock. The elastic buffer needs to store enough bits to absorb the largest expected transient variation in data stream timing. A permanent stable difference between the average value of the recovered clock and the local clock eventually will cause the elastic buffer to overflow or underflow so that some bits are lost or read twice. Any impairment that changes the number of bits in the data stream is called a slip and can cause loss of frame synchronization. Slips cannot be eliminated but can be reduced to an acceptable level by suitable design methods. The impact of slips on the services carried by the network is minimized by a sophisticated elastic buffer, which controls the slip so that an entire frame is dropped or repeated and frame synchronization is not lost.
See Fig. 9-3
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