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Here, ret-type is the type of value returned by the methods that the delegate will be calling. The name of the delegate is specified by name. The parameters required by the methods called through the delegate are specified in the parameter-list. Once created, a delegate instance can refer to and call methods whose return type and parameter list match those specified by the delegate declaration. A key point to understand is that a delegate can be used to call any method that agrees with its signature and return type. Furthermore, the method can be either an instance method associated with an object or a static method associated with a class. All that matters is that the return type and signature of the method agree with those of the delegate. To see delegates in action, let s begin with the simple example shown here:
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Communications System Design
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Yes (receipt) Yes (receipt) Yes (CPE receipt) Yes (confirmation e-mail) Yes (meeting minutes) Yes (meeting notice) Yes (article) Yes
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Notice how the end of the file is determined. When the reference returned by ReadLine( ) is null, the end of the file has been reached.
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Liability, reputation, business continuity These categories are included because companies may actually have to close their doors if certain data becomes public. Engineering designs, business merger and acquisition plans, or other data that constitutes a competitive advantage, if exposed, could have a crippling effect on operations. If it can be proven that a company s officers knew about the lack of security and were negligent in correcting it, they could be liable for damages to the stockholders. A company that allows its security weaknesses to be used to exploit another company or network could be liable for damages. Corporate image and reputation are extremely sensitive for some businesses. For instance, who would keep their money in a bank with a history of security problems Worse yet, what if security weaknesses allow a business s website to host child pornography, and the business s servers and data were seized as part of a criminal investigation Passwords and strong authentication The Single Sign-On Powered by Password Manager feature of Platinum improves security in interesting ways beyond integrating with strong authentication. Commonly known as the product category Enterprise Single Sign-On (ESSO), this feature removes the burden of remembering passwords from the end user. Security is actually improved with this approach, because users are less inclined to document their passwords (often on a sticky note under their keyboard or on their screen in plain view). In addition, strong password policies are more reasonable because the ESSO feature is securely remembering passwords rather than the user. As an added benefit, password expiry periods and strong password policy can even be added to legacy applications that don t have that capability natively. The key to securing the corporate infrastructure is a comprehensive security policy. Although addressing all aspects of information security is well beyond the scope of this book, a basic understanding of the breadth of security issues and the security measures necessary in a corporate data center environment is essential knowledge. Most governmental entities, regulated industries (banking, stock trading, healthcare services), and many large businesses mandate certification and accreditation processes, with a concise written security policy as a prerequisite for certification or accreditation. Examples of these mandates include Defense Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process (DIACAP), which is the successor to Department of Defense Information Technology Security Certification and Accreditation Process (DITSCAP) Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Gramm-Leach-Bliley (GLB) Act of 1999 (Financial Services Modernization Bill)
Boxing and Unboxing
Although preset guidelines behave like guidelines you drag from the Rulers, if you want to alter the preset arrangement by dragging one with the Pick Tool, the action triggers an attention box. This attention box is equivalent in seriousness to the tag you get on new pillows it s for your own safety and is simply telling you that you re modifying a preset, your own or a Corel preset for guidelines. You can check the Don t show warning again box (shown below) to avoid it in the future. Basically, you cannot destroy or modify a Corel guideline preset by moving one of the guides on the page the option is always there from
The next sections will discuss the configuration of SIP inspection. For in-depth inspection policies, you might need to create a layer 7 policy map and, possibly, a layer 7 class map. The following sections will discuss how to create these, as well as how to enable SIP inspection in a layer 3/4 policy map.
Low Intermediate High
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Utilizing the foregoing descriptions of commands and responses, it is possible to describe MGCP-based call setup in some detail. The following description of the process assumes that two endpoints are to be used on two different gateways, but that both gateways are connected to the same call agent. Call setup using MGCP involves the creation of at least two connections, as shown in Figure 6-7. First, a call agent uses the CRCX command to instruct a gateway to create a connection on an endpoint. The call agent may specifically identify the endpoint to be used or may use a wildcard notation to enable the gateway to choose the endpoint. The gateway creates the connection and responds to the call agent with a session description (LocalConnectionDescriptor) applicable to the connection. The LocalConnectionDescriptor is an SDP description of the session as it applies to the connection just created. Therefore, it contains information such as an IP address, port number, and media coding. Upon receipt of the response from the first gateway, the call agent instructs the second gateway to create a connection on an endpoint. The call agent has more information available for inclusion in the CRCX command
An obstruction in an artery is to be removed by inflating a spherical balloon in the
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