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Controlling Traffic Through the ASA
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Subscriber Installation and Terminal Devices
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1280 1024 resolution, 24-bit color depth, memory and persistent cache, international keyboard support, TCP/HTTP browsing, disconnect/reconnect, up to 128-bit encryption
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Calculation Contexts and Extended Syntax
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Starting in version 7 of the operating system, IPv6 support was added. Today, you can process both IPv4 and IPv6 on the same interfaces. IPv6 support includes the following features, which are discussed in 9: IPv6 addressing, including dual stacking of IPv4 and IPv6 addresses on interfaces Default and static IPv6 routes Filtering IPv6 packets IPv6 neighbor discovery: static and dynamic
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In addition to the more traditional operators, C++ also lets you overload several of the more exotic ones. One of the most useful is the [ ] array subscripting operator. In C++, the [ ] is considered a binary operator for the purposes of overloading. The [ ] can only be overloaded relative to a class, and only by a member function. Therefore, the general form of a member operator[ ]( ) function is type class-name::operator[ ](int index) { // ... }
If the constructor is found (as it will be in this case), an object is instantiated by the following sequence:
What scares most administrators about IPv6 addresses is how different they appear when compared to IPv4 addresses. Learning to deal with an address four times longer seems impossible; however, as you will see in this chapter, the standards body for TCP/IP has simplified it as much as possible.
-6.2832 -6.2746 -6.2488 -6.2059 -6.1459 -6.0691 -5.9757 -5.8659 -5.7400 -5.5984 -5.4414
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in the connection table for the data connection. However, if you ve disabled application inspection for FTP, you will have to manually add an ACL to allow traffic to your FTP server at TCP ports greater than 1023 as well as the first filter statement for port 21 that I already mentioned.
Other Possibilities
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