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You can perform random read and write operations using the buffered I/O system with the help of fseek( ), which sets the file position locator. Its prototype is int fseek(FILE *fp, long num_bytes, int origin); where fp is a file pointer returned by a call to fopen( ); num_bytes, a long integer, is the number of bytes from origin to seek to; and origin is one of the following macros (defined in <stdio.h>):
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Circuit Analysis Demysti ed
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Copper Media Copper media will be subdivided into three categories. First is twisted-pair copper wire. Electrically balanced, meaning the conductors are equally isolated from ground potential, it is available both in shielded and unshielded forms, referred to as STP
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Instant Swapover
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Coaxial Cable Systems and Networks
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We have Tan 1 1 = , 4 , 6
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Newly born protein Amino acids tRNA Large subunit
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Part III:
Figure 29.5 Two aspects of performance management that support service level management strategies
Wireless Essentials
Understanding Light
Multithreaded Programming
Controlling Access to Class Members
Line Terminal
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