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Each page in your document can have different web-specific properties applied to it such as the Page Title and HTML filename, and other metadata such as Author, Classification, Description, or Keywords. To apply these properties, use the Page tab of the Object Properties docker (ALT+ENTER), shown in Figure 29-6, when no objects are selected. Type the values you want in the text fields, and they will be included when you export your page as an HTML file.
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Certi cation Summary
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VPN-Specific Tunnel Group Attributes
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CHAPTER 3 Applications of the Derivative
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// Get a Help topic. public string GetSelection() { string topic = ""; Console.Write("Enter topic: "); topic = Console.ReadLine(); return topic; } 6. The entire disk-based Help system is shown here: // A help program that uses a disk file to store help information. using System; using System.IO; /* The Help class opens a help file, searches for a topic, and then displays the information associated with that topic. */ class Help { string helpfile; // name of help file public Help(string fname) { helpfile = fname; } // Display help on a topic. public bool HelpOn(string what) { StreamReader helpRdr; int ch; string topic, info; try { helpRdr = new StreamReader(helpfile); } catch(IOException exc) { Console.WriteLine(exc.Message); return false; } try { do { // Read characters until a # is found. ch = helpRdr.Read(); // Now, see if topics match. if(ch == '#') {
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Once you have configured address translation, you can use many different commands to verify and troubleshoot the operation of address translation on your router. For instance, if you want to see the address translation table on your router, use the show ip nat translations command:
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Creating a Photorealistic Glass Effect
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that the accounts on the balance sheet on their own have created a Surplus funds (shown as SF) amount:
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Clicking Next continues the operation. The wizard identi es the connected CD-RW drive, the HP CD-Writer+ 8200. The type of media installed in this case is a blank CD-R disc.
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4. 5. 6.
Lens Effects and Transparency
EXAMPLE 15-1 Determine the asymptotic behavior of the transfer function H (s) = 2s + 6 s 12
Port Number
Conceptual relates to the initial stages where an idea or thought is the beginning element for a process of development.
Fiber Optic Network Elements 480 Basic Telecommunications Technologies
Activating an IPv6 ACL is the same as activating an IPv4 ACL: you use the accessciscoasa(config)# access-group ACL_ID {in | out} interface logical_if_name
A BD player cannot play a BD-R or a BD-RE disc
Head Lighting
methods, the specifics differ. A named parameter is supported by either a public field or property, which must be read-write and non-static. Any such field or property is automatically able to be used as a named parameter. A named parameter is given a value by an assignment statement that is located within the argument list when the attribute s constructor is invoked. Here is the general form of an attribute specification that includes named parameters: [attrib(positional-param-list, named-param1 = value, named-param2 = value, ...)] The positional parameters (if they exist) come first. Next, each named parameter is assigned a value. The order of the named parameters is not important. Named parameters do not need to be given a value. In this case, their default value will be used. To understand how to use a named parameter, it is best to work through an example. Here is a version of RemarkAttribute that adds a field called Supplement, which can be used to hold a supplemental remark:
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