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5 I N D E T E R M I N A T E F O R M S
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Exploring the C# Library
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Recall l c/f where c 3 108 m /s (the speed of electromagnetic wave propagation). Solving for f, f c __ l
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TABLE 17-1 Buttons and Menu Options Available in the Header Panel
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19 20 Basic Routing OSPF Routing 21 EIGRP Routing
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Router Con guration Files
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When a disaster strikes, often one of the effects is no access to even the most critical IT systems. Given a 40-hour workweek, there is roughly a 25 percent likelihood that critical personnel will be at the business location when a disaster strikes (at least the violent type of disaster that strikes with no warning, such as an earthquake other types of disasters, such as hurricanes, may afford the organization a little bit of time to anticipate the disaster s impact). The point is, chances are very good that the personnel who are available to respond may be unable to access the procedures and other information that they will need, unless special measures are taken. NOTE Complete BCP/DRP documentation often contains details of key systems, operating procedures, recovery strategies, and even vendor and model identification of in-place equipment. This information can be misused if available to unauthorized personnel, so the mechanism selected for ensuring availability must include planning to exclude inadvertent disclosure. There are several ways that response and recovery procedures can be made available to personnel during a disaster, including Hard copy While many have grown accustomed to the paperless office, disaster recovery and response documentation is one type of information that should be available in hardcopy form. Copies, even multiple copies, should be available for each responder, with a copy at the workplace and another at home, and possibly even a set in the responder s vehicle. Soft copy Traditionally, softcopy documentation is kept on file servers, but as you might expect, those file servers might be unavailable in a disaster. Soft copies should be available on responders portable devices (laptops, PDAs, and perhaps smart phones). An organization can also consider issuing documentation on memory sticks and cards. Depending upon the type of disaster, it can be difficult to know what resources will be available to access documentation, so making it available in more than one form will ensure that at least one copy of it will be available to the personnel who need access to it.
Ethernet Evolution and Standards
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