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When you run the program, the order of the elements in the resulting sequence will now reflect the order of the elements in the source sequence.
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a value, and to create function-like macros. C# does not support these uses of #define. In C#, #define is used only to define a symbol.
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5: Gynecologic Oncology
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An at-rule is a construct that begins with an @ symbol immediately followed by an identifier. This identifier is then followed by a block, which is defined as all content contained within a set of curly braces ({}); or else is followed by all content up until the next semicolon (;) e.g., the syntax of the @import rule. Any unrecognized at-rule must be ignored in its entirety. @import The @import rule is used to associate an external stylesheet with the document.
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Digital Color Theory Put to Practice
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You Try It: Use the method presented in the last example to calculate the area under the graph of y = 2x and above the x-axis, between x = 1 and x = 2. You should obtain the answer 3, which of course can also be determined by elementary considerations without taking limits.
Example: Changing to Multiple Mode
While Java has successfully addressed many of the issues surrounding portability and security in the Internet environment, there are still features that it lacks. One is cross-language interoperability, also called mixed-language programming. This is the ability for the code produced by one language to work easily with the code produced by another. Cross-language interoperability is crucial for the creation of large, distributed software systems. It is also desirable for programming software components, because the most valuable component is one that can be used by the widest variety of computer languages in the greatest number of operating environments. Another feature lacking in Java is full integration with the Windows platform. Although Java programs can be executed in a Windows environment (assuming that the Java Virtual Machine has been installed), Java and Windows are not closely coupled. Since Windows is the mostly widely used operating system in the world, lack of direct support for Windows is a drawback to Java. To answer these and other needs, Microsoft developed C#. C# was created at Microsoft late in the 1990s and was part of Microsoft s overall .NET strategy. It was first released in its alpha version in the middle of 2000. C# s chief architect was Anders Hejlsberg. C# is directly related to C, C++, and Java. This is not by accident. These are three of the most widely used and most widely liked programming languages in the world. Furthermore, nearly all professional programmers today know C, C++, or Java. By building C# upon a solid, well-understood foundation, C# offers an easy migration path from these languages. Since it was neither necessary nor desirable for Hejlsberg to reinvent the wheel, he was free to focus on specific improvements and innovations. The family tree for C# is shown in Figure 1-1. The grandfather of C# is C. From C, C# derives its syntax, many of its keywords, and operators. C# builds upon and improves the object model defined by C++. If you know C or C++, you will feel at home with C#.
load. For this reason, work commenced on transporting data directly over individual wavelengths provided by WDM and DWDM systems when this book was prepared. In the wonderful world of the Internet Protocol (IP), the technology being developed is referred to as IP over DWDM. Now that we have an appreciation for the advantages and disadvantages associated with the use of the three types of STS-1 overhead bytes, let s see how those bytes are used. In so doing, we will examine those bytes with respect to the area in which they are contained.
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