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7 M E T H O D S O F I N T E G R A T I O N
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Understand the Controls Environment
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Transform Fill With Object
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The IS auditor should audit an application and follow transactions from end to end. The IS auditor should consider whether: Any data flow diagrams or flowcharts exist that describe data flow in the transaction, and whether such diagrams or flowcharts correctly identify the flow of data Any data items in the transaction were altered in the data flow, and where alterations occurred, whether audit log entries recorded those changes, including who made them
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Economic Assessment
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CISA Certified Information Systems Auditor All-in-One Exam Guide
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j Meridian Lossless Packing - Technical Reference for FBA and FBB streams Version 1.0
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control node markers at each corner. These markers behave and operate exactly like control nodes for vector shapes.
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tion, it s easiest if you bring in the audio one song at a time, even if you ve recording an entire side of the album uninterrupted. Sound editing generally is easier to perform if you re working with audio les that are between 2 and 6 minutes. You ll also want the songs in individual les in preparation for burning the audio CD.
Operating System s Effect on Citrix Presentation Server Scalability
niques. However, local feature analysis may not generalize as well across environments as other techniques because it depends on successful and uniform quality for the location and extraction of all the primary features. Attempts to refine this technique include adjusting the weight of the subcomparisons according to human cognition studies. Alternatively, more pragmatic approaches to optimize performance might attempt to set the weights according to statistical properties of the features as they exist in the enrolled population. There is no single error rate for the technology, as performance depends on the environmental factors and the data presented. However, government testing has illustrated the detailed effect of these factors on performance and shown that technology vendors are capable of delivering 75 80 percent accuracy under certain simulated operational conditions, and higher (90 98 percent) under ideal conditions.4 Nonetheless, critics question the effectiveness of the technology in real-world circumstances. The urgency of recently piloted field tests (in airports) has drawn attention and raised expectations, often resulting in hasty, incomplete reporting and bogus conclusions. Some of the recent trial deployments failed to put forth the time and effort necessary to properly calibrate the technology into the target environment. And none of the tests seriously considered integrating the technology in with other systems such as travel documents to both boost performance and, more importantly, to help disambiguate the alarms that can and should be predicted to occur. Well-integrated and well-calibrated systems, even if they involve some manual control and review, have found the accuracy of facial recognition to be sufficient for casinos to put the technology to use since the late 1990s as a means to help spot and track banned players. There are image standards that address minimal image quality and desired orientation of mug shots for facial biometrics. The resolution of the database and probe images, measured by the number of pixels across the face or between the eyes, should adhere to these standards if reasonable results are expected. Also, consistent quality for image acquisition and storage is desirable and should be maintained across the application.5 As discussed earlier, there currently are no standards for what face features should be used, how they should be weighted for comparison, or how they can be stored in a generalized format conducive to interchange and interoperability. All the details of the image processing, feature selection, isolation, extraction, and representation are proprietary and vendor specific. As a result, there is a range of performance and specialization present in today s commercial face recognition applications.
FIGURE 14.19. Variable-dwell cam.
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