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12.4.9 Countermeasures Combined with River Training
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This is the name of the application. This is a required field as denoted by the asterisk (*) next to the field. The name of the sample application used in the example in this chapter is Budget. This is the label for the application, which is a unique internal identifier for the application. This is also a required field. This may or may not be the same as the application name. An optional description of the application. The name of the server that hosts the back-end SQL Server databases. This is the name of the main database used by the Planning application. The naming convention for the application database is <Application Name>_AppDB. In our example, it is named Budget_AppDB. The staging database is where the data for the actuals are stored before loading into the application database. The staging database plays an important role in a planning application, as will be described later in the chapter. The naming convention for the staging database is <Application Name>_StagingDB. In our example, it is named Budget_ StagingDB. This is the location of the templates that are the basis for the forms that are ultimately available to the end users for entering the plan, budget, and forecast data. The end users write their changes back to the system through these forms. These templates can be stored in any location that is shared with appropriate access permissions to the various users of the system, including the end-users of the planning module and the service account that is used for running the Planning Service. In our example, the templates are located in a subfolder called FormTemplates, under a shared folder called Budget on the PerfPointServer (the server running the Planning Service). After the Budget folder was created, all users (Everyone) were given full control under the Permissions setting. This is the location where the reports that make up the layout for the end-user form templates are stored. The same folder access permissions used for the FormTemplates folder apply to the Report Storage folder. In our example, the subfolder called ReportStorage under the shared Budget folder serves as the location for storing the reports. This is the storage location for assignment forms. The same folder rules as for the previous two entries apply here as well. This is the storage location for Assignment Master Forms. The same folder rules as for the previous three entries apply here as well.
RouterB(config)# interface serial 0 RouterB(config-if)# encapsulation frame-relay ietf RouterB(config-if)# frame-relay lmi-type ansi RouterB(config-if)# ip address RouterB(config-if)# frame-relay map ip 301 broadcast
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