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On the appliance, each ACL is differentiated from other ACLs by a unique identifier (ACL_ID): this can be a name, number, or mixture of characters and numbers. You must use the standard parameter; otherwise the ACL type defaults to an extended ACL. If you don t tell the appliance what line number to use for the statement, the statement is added at the end of the existing ACL statements. Next you need to specify what should happen when there is a match on the condition: allow (permit) or drop (deny) the packet. Last, you specify the address you want to match on:
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6. Click Display to see the same list of values that users will see when using them in a query. 7. Click OK to return to the Object Properties panel. 8. Click OK to close the Object Properties panel.
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Networking Optical Disc Drives
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As explained, because GenException( ) is called from within a try block, the exception that it generates (and does not catch) is caught by the catch in Main( ). Understand, however, that if GenException( ) had caught the exception, then it never would have been passed back to Main( ).
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Figure 7.6 illustrates the original CATV distribution network. Note that the amplifiers are unidirectional as the original CATV network design was based on the one-way broadcast of programming to subscribers. It is well known that the ability to use a cable modem requires a bidirectional transmission capability. This means that the original CATV network infrastructure based on the use of unidirectional amplifiers was
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Part III:
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Provider A network
A precision Skew changes both the angle and the size of this object in a single command.
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3 Implementation Issues
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