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example, if the value 1.23 is assigned to an integer, the resulting value will simply be 1. The 0.23 is lost. The following program demonstrates some type conversions that require casts. It also shows some situations in which the casts cause data to be lost.
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Blue Sky Software RoboHelp HTML 2000
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In this example, the global address is the address that external devices use to access the internal device, displayed as the local address. For example, if someone from the outside world wanted to access, he would use a destination address of Two other items in this display are of interest: nconns refers to the number of connections that are currently open to this address, and econns refers to the number of halfopen (embryonic) connections.
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370 TABLE 12.1
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1. Interpreting Data From the graphed data, what is your predicted boiling point for
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Example 3-4
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Technology Description
We de ne the impedance as the ratio of voltage to current for a given circuit element. This is simply a generalization of Ohm s law where Z= V I (7.44)
1. Observing and Inferring Why was the mass of 25 split peas determined rather than the
where A, C, F, and G are formally identical to their counterparts in Subsec. 7.4.1. Their differences are that ai and bi in the entries of these matrices in that subsection change to Dyi and 1/Dyi, respectively. In this case, obviously, Dy i y i +1 - y i
7. Pull the IR sensor wire coming from the wall into the back of the gang box. 8. Strip a half inch of insulation from each of the wires of the IR cabling.
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