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ORen max-min problems can be done with the first and second derivative. If you fell a little insecure, sketch the graph of the fhction. All the idormation, and then some, is already available for sketching the graph.
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Notice there are two bolt hole ring patterns in the mounting plates. As shown in Figure 10-11, the inner-ring pattern with its countersunk mounting holes allows flathead mounting bolts to attach the mounting plate to the motor and to be flush with the plate s surface on the inside when tightened. As also shown in Figure 10-11, the outerring pattern allows hex-head mounting bolts to be used to attach the mounting plate to the transmission bell housing and to be torqued down tight. Notice in Figure 10-11 that the center hole in each adapter is either sized to accommodate a collar around the motor, or the outside diameter of the coupling. This can vary widely from case to case. The spacer shown in Figure 10-11 and the depth to which the hub fits on the motor shaft control the critical distance measurement; adjust these as needed. If you are building your own, 1-inch-thick aluminum is the preferred building stock. Cut your cardboard pattern or template out to completely cover the bell housing front, exactly locate and mark the center of the transmission shaft (it might or might not be in the center area of your template), locate and mark the bolt hole locations on its front, trace the bell housing s outline on its back, and trim your pattern for 1 inch or less
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Equipment, and other KPIs. At this level KPIs are getting quite granular and are more difficult to distinguish from measures, but companies that closely monitor their total salary expense may well provide incentives to managers to keep salaries in their departments to a minimum. Recall that if a manager finds part of his or her bonus based on a particular item, that item is an excellent candidate to be a KPI. Given this information, scorecards are a collection of multiple KPIs, often broken down into perspectives, and sometimes the KPIs allow the users drill down to lower level KPIs. There is generally one overall scorecard for the entire business, and then many additional scorecards for different functional areas or even individual managers. Scorecards are often used by business decision makers because they provide the high level picture without the need for the person to assimilate large quantities of data, but scorecards can be useful for nearly anyone who wonders how the business is performing. Another concept that is often mentioned along with scorecards is that of dashboards. In fact, many organizations use the terms more or less interchangeably. Technically, a dashboard is more than a scorecard because it may contain multiple scorecards or items in addition to scorecards. So while a scorecard is usually displayed as a part of a dashboard, the dashboard might also show reports, charts, company news, and so forth. In other words, a dashboard is like a personalized portal, and the terms dashboard and portal certainly do become blurred. In the case of PerformancePoint Server, scorecards are normally displayed to end users as part of a dashboard, which is hosted in SharePoint. SharePoint lets users customize their screens so that a user might be viewing a scorecard, their email inbox, some scrolling stock prices, and so on. Therefore, the term dashboard will be used throughout the book, and it will often include the viewing mechanism for scorecards, graphs, grids, and any other data presented to users. Companies that embark upon building a scorecard often need to carefully plan what should be in the scorecard; in other words, how they ll break down their business into perspectives and then the KPIs within each perspective. These perspectives are not at all related to something called Perspectives in Analysis Services; rather, a perspective here is just a way of looking at the business. Many people are familiar with looking at a business from a financial perspective, but companies must also look at the market with the customer s perspective, asking what makes a consumer willing to spend their money on the company s products. The process of examining the perspectives and the KPIs in that perspective is often done by creating what is known as a strategy map, and the perspectives chosen can lead to what is called a Balanced Scorecard or to just a general business scorecard.
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An element of ambiguity can be introduced into a C++ program when multiple base classes are inherited. Consider this incorrect program:
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Since non-type parameters are treated as constants, they can be used to set the dimension of an array, which is a significant, practical benefit. As the safe-array example illustrates, the use of non-type parameters greatly expands the utility of template classes. Although the information contained in the non-type argument must be known at compile time, this restriction is mild compared with the power offered by non-type parameters. Programming challenge: The queue template class, shown earlier in this chapter, would also benefit from a non-type parameter that specifies the size of the queue. Try making this improvement on your own.
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ciscoasa(config)# router ciscoasa(config-router)# ciscoasa(config-router)# ciscoasa(config-router)# ciscoasa(config-router)# ciscoasa(config-router)# rip network network_address version [1 | 2] default-information originate passive-interface [default | logical_if_name] no auto-summarize
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Working with users As they develop the parts of the application that interface with users, developers will need to work with them to ensure that the forms, screens, and reports that they build will meet users needs. Application Programming Languages An organization that is considering an application development project has to make several strategic decisions regarding the technologies and techniques that will be used to perform the development and to operate the completed application. Among those choices is the programming language(s) that will be used to write the application. Rarely does an organization have a wide-open choice of languages; rather, its choices will be constrained by several factors including Standards The organization s preferences for specific brands of computer hardware, operating systems, and databases will limit available languages to those that are available on its chosen application platform. Available expertise Preferences will be further limited by available programming experience on its staff, or on the part of contracted developers. After the application has been developed and placed in use, the organization will need to make periodic changes; an experienced developer will be needed for that task as well. Practicality For a given hardware and software environment, the nature of the application will make some of the available languages more desirable, and others less so. For instance, an organization wants to write a professionalservices invoicing application in a Unix environment where assembler, C, and C++ are the available languages. Chances are good that assembler will be eliminated, because assembler is a poor choice for application development. Instead, either C or C++ will be chosen. Another factor that will influence language selection is the availability of development and testing tools. With nearly as much scrutiny as for the application features themselves, the organization should carefully select an application development environment if it does not already have one (or if it has determined that its present capabilities are insufficient). Requirements for a development environment must include functions that will permit developers to write software code that can meet functional requirements for the application itself. If, for example, functional requirements specify a high degree of accuracy in a way that requires a high volume of test cases, a development environment that can help to automate testing will enable developers to more easily perform this rigorous testing. Development in a Software Acquisition Setting In a software acquisition situation where an organization is purchasing software instead of developing it themselves, development activities may still be required. In a software acquisition project, software development is often needed to facilitate several needs:
Using the Interactive Envelope Tool in combination with the Property Bar options is the most intuitive way to apply envelopes. You ll find it in the Toolbox grouped with other interactive tools, as shown here.
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Cisco ASA Configuration
6. To remove a selected color, click Delete Color and confirm your action in the
Session multiplexing (through the use of port numbers and IP addresses) Segmentation (through the use of segment protocol data units, or PDUs)
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