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For self-referencing relationships, it is important to distinguish between 1-M and M - N relationships. A n instance diagram can help y o u understand the difference. Figure 5.14(a) shows an instance diagram for the Supervises relationship. N o t i c e that each faculty can have at most o n e superior. For example, Faculty2 and Faculty3 have Facultyl as a superior. Therefore, Supervises is a 1-M relationship because each faculty can have at most o n e su pervisor. In contrast, there is n o such restriction in the instance diagram for the PreReqTo relationship [Figure 5.14(b)]. For example, both IS480 and IS460 are prerequisites to I S 4 6 1 . Therefore, PreReqTo is an M - N relationship because a course can be a prerequisite to many courses, and a course can have many prerequisites. Self-referencing relationships occur in a variety o f business situations. A n y data that can be visualized like Figure 5.14 can be represented as a self-referencing relationship. Typical examples include hierarchical charts o f accounts, genealogical charts, part designs, and transportation routes. In these examples, self-referencing relationships are an important part o f the database. There is one other noteworthy aspect o f self-referencing relationships. Sometimes a self-referencing relationship is not needed. For example, if y o u only want to know whether an employee is a supervisor, a self-referencing relationship is not needed. Rather, an attribute can be used to indicate whether an employee is a supervisor.
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The following program displays a text file on the console using eof( ) to determine when the end of the file has been reached.
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There are several downsides to Mesh networks. Routing data traffic through multiple hops can degrade the cumulative latency and jitter experienced by the data traffic. Additionally, Mesh networks may not be very scalable as the complexity of the control mechanism and the mesh management traffic may grow significantly as the size of the network grows. Finally, the controllers of Mesh networks are also significantly more complex and costly than that of PMP networks. There are, in general, two categories of Mesh networks: physical and logical mesh. Physical mesh consists of nodes using highly directional antenna such that physical links are created between any two nodes. At all times, a physical link connects only two nodes and a node would use such a physical link to communicate with its neighbor. On the contrary, a logical mesh consists of nodes using wide beams to create multiple logical links with its neighbors. IEEE 802.16 MAC operation is completely defined for logical mesh using OFDM-PHY, whereas physical mesh operation may still require some more work. Despite the mesh MAC protocol sharing substantial similarity with the PMP MAC protocol, they are not interoperable. One of the most important differences between a PMP and Mesh network is that, unlike in PMP networks where all communications are connection-oriented, Mesh network communications are connectionless. All direct communications between two nodes are in the context of a link, specified by an 8-bit number called a Link ID (in place of CID), unique only in the local neighborhood. QoS parameters are not associated with Link IDs but instead are associated with each packet and are specified by parameters in the packet header. The destination of a packet is also identified by a 16-bit Node ID specified in the packet header. A key prerequisite for a Mesh network is the ability of more than two pairs of nodes to communicate directly. In a logical Mesh network, this means all transmissions among different nodes have to be coordinated and scheduled such that a communication between one pair of nodes will not interfere with a communication between another pair of nodes. 802.16 mesh standard allows for two different types of such coordinated scheduling: centralized scheduling and distributed scheduling. In centralized scheduling, resources (and not the transmission schedules) are granted in a more centralized manner by a specially designated node referred to as the Mesh BS. The Mesh BS gathers resource requirements from all the Mesh SSs within a certain hop range. It then computes the amount of resources for each link in the network, both in downlink and uplink, and communicates these grants to the Mesh SSs within the hop range. Based on the resources granted to its links, the node computes its transmission schedule. In distributed scheduling, all the nodes coordinate their transmission in their twohop neighborhood and broadcast their schedule to all their neighbors. The schedule may also be established by direct requests and grants between two nodes. With all the nodes knowing the schedule of all other nodes in the two-hop neighborhood, they can
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Passive Transport
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Part II:
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Protect data transmitted between the edge WLAN device and the access point, providing privacy and confidentiality Control who is allowed to access LANs behind the WLAN access points
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Tires are important to an EV owner. They support the vehicle and battery weight while cushioning against shocks; develop front-to-rear forces for acceleration and braking; and develop side-to-side forces for cornering. Tires are almost universally of radial-ply construction today. Typically, one or more steel-belted plies run around the circumference (hence, radial) of tire. These deliver vastly superior performance to the bias-ply types (several plies woven crosswise around the tire carcass, hence, bias or on an angle) of earlier years that were replaced by radials
Because this code operates on each shape, one shape at a time, the size will be set relative only to that shape and not to the selection, so each shape will now be two centimeters wide. But the selection s width will still be approximately the same. Now it s time to move to making decisions, and then to put loops and decisions together.
Shooting Action Sequences Getting to Know Your PC
CHAPTER 19: Subtractive Color Models
NOTE Autoconfiguration is the simplest method of assigning an IPv6 address on an appliance interface.
Micro-Hutchinson Sign: Hutchinson Sign
C AUTION For the group Everyone, the default access to all universes and universe connections is
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In this case, y will be set to 11. This is because x is first incremented and then its value is returned. However, if the code is written as
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