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2001 Annual Sales Compensation Survey: Software Industry Radford Sales Compensation Survey SalesPlus Survey of Customer Focused Positions CulpepperNOW SalesPay Sales Compensation Survey Sales and Marketing US High-Tech Industry Sales Compensation Survey Sales Performance and Compensation Survey Survey of Sales Compensation in the Consumer Products Industry Survey of Sales Compensation in the Medical Devices Industry 2000 2001 National Sales Compensation & Practices Survey Communication Technologies Sales Compensation Survey MEDIC (Medical Device Industry Compensation) Sales Compensation Survey ECS Survey of Sales and Marketing Personnel Compensation High Technology Sales Compensation Survey
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22.02.The CD contains a multimedia demonstration of configuring a standard numbered ACL to restrict telnet access on a router. As you will see in the next section, you can also use extended ACLs to restrict access to the IOS device, but this configuration is much more complex. Second, extended ACLs are applied to interfaces and thus won t be able to restrict telnet access from the router to a remote destination. And third, whenever you apply an ACL to an interface on the router, you ll affect the performance of the router on that interface. Depending on the router model, the IOS version, and the features you have enabled, the degradation in performance will vary (today s most current IOS versions take very little of a performance hit when using ACLs on interfaces). Therefore, if you only want to restrict telnet or SSH access to or from the router, using a standard ACL and the access-class statement on your VTYs is the best approach.
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once the racket of the print heads has stopped (laser printer users can ignore this last comment). The Quick Preview deserves a little more coverage here. After clicking the Quick Preview button, you re shown a preview window and page browsing controls (see Figure 28-2). While
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Type conversion refers to the situation in which variables of one type are mixed with variables of another type. When this occurs in an assignment statement, the type conversion rule is very easy: The value of the right (expression) side of the assignment is converted to the type of the left side (target variable), as illustrated by this example:
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Figure 6-48 A Perspective chart with a number of data point to compare Gross Profit and Gross Profit Margin
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E0/1 Inside Network
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Securing traffic between subnets using access control lists (ACLs are
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New Corel PowerTRACE Features
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The Space Segment
<Simple-Join-Condition>: <Scalar-Expression> <Comparison-Operator> <Scalar-Expression> <Compound-Join-Condition>: { N O T <Join-Condition> I <Join-Condition> AND <Join-Condition> I <Join-Condition> OR <Join-Condition> I (<Join-Condition>) <Comparison-Operator>: { = I < I > I <= I >= I < > } <Row-Condition>: { <Simple-Condition> I <Compound-Condition> } <Simple-Condition>: {<Scalar-Expression> <Comparison-Operator> <Scalar-Experssion> I <Scalar-Expression> [ NOT ] IN ( Constant*) I <Scalar-Expression> BETWEEN <Scalar-Expression> AND <Scalar-Expression> I <Scalar-Expression> IS [NOT] NULL I ColumnName [ NOT ] LIKE StringPattern } <Compound-Condition>: { N O T <Row-Condition> I <Row-Condition> AND <Row-Condition> I <Row-Condition> OR <Row-Condition> I (<Row-Condition>) }
4: IT Life-Cycle Management
*****************************STARTING POSITION***************************** X 0.0000 2.7500 Y 0.0000 Z 0.0000 A 0.0000 B 0.0000 C 205.0000 W
The string-conversion functions are especially useful when passing numeric data to a program through a command line argument. They are also useful in a variety of other programming situations.
The Message id= Help message is what will appear to you as the designer when you select a function from the SQL Editor or to end users who create their own objects. In Figure 11-1, this is the text in the bottom left, Returns the sum of the values.
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To properly select the hardware to host a data store, a general understanding about the objects stored in the data store would be beneficial. Nearly every item displayed in the Citrix Presentation Server Console represents one or more entries in the data store, as shown in Table 4-1. Some objects, such as applications and servers, create multiple entries in the data store. As the number of entries in the data store grows, the time required for IMA to search and retrieve the entries also grows. As servers are added to the farm, the data store needs to service more requests. Plan the data store hardware platform based on the total number of servers that will eventually be in the farm.
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