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Part III:
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6: Analysis with PerformancePoint Server and ProClarity
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User Datagram Protocol
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Bit Error Rate Measuring Instrument Specifications This section describes the major specifications of BER testers and the relevance for different applications, principally telecommunications testing and general-purpose device and system testing.
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Ongoing Developments
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Imagine turning on a car and hearing nothing! The only way you can tell that the car is on is by looking at the battery/fuel gauge on the dashboard. This is only the first surprise of many when you get into an electric vehicle. When I used to work for the New York Power Authority (NYPA) and do ride-anddrives for the public, I always used to say that once you get in, you are changed forever. It s true!! Every single time a person got out of the car, there would be a smile on their face, a sense of real excitement, and then the inevitable first question ( Where can I get one ! ) would always pop up. Electric vehicles are first and foremost practical but also fun to own and drive. Owners say they become downright addictive. Tooling around in breezy electric vehicle silence gives you all the pleasure without the noise. As I liked to put it to my friends, You can really hear your stereo.
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Getting Ready for BusinessObjects XI
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Applications of the Integral
Appendix: Buyer s Guide to Digital Cameras
5520 512 MB 64 MB
Ring op count SMT transmit frames LEM count LEM reject count Token Rotation Time (TRT)
Significance of measured quantity Power at receiver affects signal-to-noise ratio Reduces optical power at receiver Differences in performance between channels in wavelength-multiplexed systems Inconsistent loss, loss that drifts over time Location of fiber breaks, determination of fiber attenuation, determination of splice, connector, and component losses Pulse distortion in multimode fiber networks Pulse distortion in single-mode fiber networks Pulse distortion in single-mode fiber networks, pulse distortion that drifts over time
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struct { char item[40]; double cost; double retail; int on_hand; int lead_time; } temp; struct is the keyword that begins a structure declaration.
example of Figure 5-15, we assume that Boss supports only G.728. If Boss were to indicate that both G.723 and G.728 can be supported, then we have reduced the selection of coder/decoders (codecs) from three to two, but we have still not finalized exactly which codec will be used. Ideally, Boss s device should select just a single codec from the offered set. Such a selection would eliminate any confusion as to the codec to be used. If, however, Boss were to reply with more than one codec, then the initiator of the session should choose which of the two to use and should generate a new offer that includes just a single codec. For SIP, this reoffer would mean the issuance of a new INVITE request with a message body that includes just the single selected codec. This new INVITE would exist within an already established dialog and, as such, it would use the same dialog identifier (From and To headers, including tag values), Call-ID, and Request-URI as would be used by any other request (such as INFO or BYE) within an established dialog. This scenario would appear as shown in Figure 5-16. In Figure 5-16, we note that the initial INVITE specifies the offered media formats, but it uses the inactive attribute to specify that the media formats are set such that the media in question will neither be sent nor received (at least not for the present). As in Figure 5-15, Daniel offers the three coding schemes G.726, G.723, and G.728. In this case, Boss replies with G.723 and G.728. Collins acknowledges the response and issues a reINVITE with G.728 as the only coding choice, and this time the inactive attribute is not present. The o line of the re-INVITE indicates the same sender and session number, but the session version is increased by 1. Although an ACK can carry a message body, we cannot use the ACK request in Figure 5-16 to carry an updated version of the offer that was in the initial INVITE. In SIP, two mechanisms are used for the answer/offer exchange. In the first case, an offer is made within an INVITE and is answered with a 2XX response. In the second case, an offer is made within a 2XX response and the ACK carries the answer. The second case would apply if the initial INVITE does not contain an offer (a valid situation). If the first INVITE does contain an offer in the form of an SDP description, however, the ACK cannot be used to modify that offer. Not only can there be overlap between the supported media formats of the two parties in a session, but it is quite possible that the receiver of an offer (the receiver of an INVITE that contains an SDP description) cannot support any of the media formats proposed in the offer. If, for example, in Figure 5-15, Boss could only support voice coded according to G.711 m-law (RTP payload type 0), then there would be a mismatch between the capabilities of the called party and those of the calling party. In such a situation,
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So Mid-Band Ethernet is ideal for today s conservative, practical economic climate. It leverages the existing copper infrastructure and low-cost unbundled network loops to deliver high-bandwidth Ethernet services complementary to the optical network. Mid-Band Ethernet allows for pay as you grow deployment of electronics rather than up-front major capital and construction projects. And as part of a transparent Ethernet service, it operates in conjunction with the existing Ethernet services and management infrastructure. The footprint of the carrier Ethernet networks is extended tenfold to the 90 percent of customers who don t have fiber access, offering a high-margin revenue opportunity to any wireline service provider.
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