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Part 1 2 3 Purpose If the current calendar quarter Matches the accounting quarter Then for the same period in the database Show the sales Else null SQL Syntax decode(to_char(sysdate, 'YYYYQ') '200503' DECODE(SH.TIMES.CALENDAR_ YEAR||SH.TIMES.CALENDAR_ QUARTER_NUMBER,'200053' SH.SALES.AMOUNT_SOLD
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Multiple Services on One Network (Not Just Ethernet)
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#include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> int main(void) { char num1[80], num2[80]; printf("Enter first number: "); gets(num1); printf("Enter second number: "); gets(num2); printf("The sum is: %d", atoi(num1)+atoi(num2)); return 0; }
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Measuring and Drawing Helpers
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This line declares a method called Range that has no parameters. It is specified as public, so it can be used by all other parts of the program. Its return type is void. Thus, Range( ) does not return a value to the caller. The line ends with the opening curly brace of the method body. The body of Range( ) consists solely of this line:
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S1. conformational transitions. S2. voltage across a membrane. S3. ligand binding.
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#include <stdio.h> #include <string.h> char *p = "hello world\n"; int main(void) { register int t; /* print the string forward and backwards */ printf(p); for(t=strlen(p)-1; t>-1; t--) printf("%c", p[t]); return 0; }
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User data (1880 - 2047)
Figure 7-38 The dimension members to be displayed in the final form are selected while defining the report matrix.
Users can shadow other users without requiring administrator rights. Similar to Citrix Conferencing Manager, multiple users from different locations can view presentations and training sessions, allowing one-to-many, many-to-one, and many-to-many online collaboration. NOTE Although it is possible for users to shadow each other for collaboration, training, and other tasks, Conferencing Manager is a more suitable solution for performing these tasks. Do not assume that members of the administrators group have shadow rights by default. Although local administrators may have shadowing rights enabled in Citrix Connection Configuration, they are unable to shadow users who have been assigned to the policy by default. You must add the members of the local administrators group to the list of people with shadow rights in the user policy. Although in general, user policies take precedence over settings configured in other Presentation Server utilities, shadowing is an exception. If shadowing was disabled during Presentation Server setup or disabled in Citrix Connection Configuration for a particular connection, then user policies with shadowing enabled have no effect. At a minimum, apply Service Pack 3 for Windows 2000 or apply Microsoft Hotfix 281951 to disallow unwanted cross-server shadowing after configuring shadow policies in the Management Console for Presentation Server. Because the most restrictive of the three shadow settings settings in the Citrix Connection Configuration, settings specified during the Presentation Server installation, and settings in shadow policies go into effect, avoid unnecessary administration headache by using shadow policies as the central control to control shadow settings. Exceptions to this rule include the need to adhere to local governmental laws that stipulate certain privacy requirements.
AASHTO requirements are to use 16 feet 6 inches vertical under clearance. Many old bridges in the U.S. and abroad do not meet this requirement. Newer model trucks at times get stuck under the girders causing serious damage to the bridge and the truck.
Installing the Requisite Connections
5: Monitoring in PerformancePoint Server
Action: Add more servers to the list of allowed hosts (recommended) or allow messages from any host (not secure) Older versions of Network Manager had the capability to shut down or restart a Presentation Server. To comply with Microsoft SNMP security, these options have been removed in newer versions of the plug-ins. Any attempt to reboot a Presentation Server with an older version of a Network Manager plug-in is denied. Microsoft has released security bulletins for SNMP security risks. The following bulletins should be applied to all Presentation Servers and Management Consoles: MS00-095: Windows NT 4.0 MS00-096: Windows 2000 MS02-006: Windows NT4, TSE, Windows 2000, and Windows XP TIP Enable or disable the SNMP Agent when farm activity is low.
The actual gratings shown in Figure 6.13 are referred to as Bragg gratings or in-fiber Bragg gratings. The use of this type of grating results in a wavelength-dependent reflector that can reflect different wavelengths at different angles. The actual grating consists of a length of optical fiber in which the refractive index of the core is modified. As a result, a portion of the modified fiber acts as a narrow-bandwidth filter whose function is similar to that of a mirror reflecting specified wavelengths. , Using fiber grating, it becomes possible to reflect each wavelength on the common fiber. Thus, if we refer back to Figure 6.13, we can note that the grating results in the reflection of each of the three individual wavelengths transported on the fiber. One problem associated with increasing the capacity of existing fiber plant is the manner in which existing SONET and SDH systems operate. The vast majority of existing communications carrier fiber plant is single-mode fiber which has a high dispersion rate in the 1550-nm window. , This made it rather difficult to obtain an OC-192 or STM-64 transmission for long distances and resulted in a majority of upgrades stopping at the OC-48 2.4-Gbit/s operating rate. Thus, communications carriers were faced with the choice of installing additional fiber or deploying denser WDM if they wanted to continue to increase their bandwidth.
Router-on-a-Stick Example Con guration
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