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It will be true only for an element whose value is greater than zero. This expression will be evaluated for every n in nums when the query executes. Only those values that satisfy this condition will be obtained. In other words, a where clause acts as a filter on the data source, allowing only certain items through. All queries end with either a select clause or a group clause. This example employs the select clause. It specifies precisely what is obtained by the query. For simple queries, such as the one in this example, the range value is selected. Therefore, it returns those integers from nums that satisfy the where clause. In more sophisticated situations, it is possible to finely tune what is selected. For example, when querying a mailing list, you might return just the last name of each recipient, rather than the entire address. Notice that the select clause ends with a semicolon. Because select ends a query, it ends the statement and requires a semicolon. Notice, however, that the other clauses in the query do not end with a semicolon. At this point, a query variable called posNums has been created, but no results have been obtained. It is important to understand that a query simply defines a set of rules. It is not until the query is executed that results are obtained. Furthermore, the same query can be executed two or more times, with the possibility of differing results if the underlying data source changes between executions. Therefore, simply declaring the query posNums does not mean that it contains the results of the query. To execute the query, the program uses the foreach loop shown here:
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With static NAT, a manual translation is performed by an address translation device, translating one IP address to a different one. Typically, static NAT is used to translate destination IP addresses in packets as they come into your network, but you can translate source addresses also. Figure 23-1 shows a simple example of outside users trying to access an inside web server. In this example, you want Internet users to access an internal web server, but this server is using a private address (
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11.3.2 Moving Moments of Inertia to Other Points Sometimes the moment of inertia about the center of mass is known, but the moment of inertia about another point on the body is required. While the moment of inertia about the desired point could be calculated directly, it is often easier to simply move the moment of inertia. If the distance between the center of mass and the point O where the moment of inertia is desired is given by d, the two moments of inertia are related by the parallel-axis theorem Jo = Jcg + md 2 . (11.31)
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Low Intermediate High
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Securing Gears to Shafts
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The output generated by the program is shown here:
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Summary of DWDM Optical Network Element (ONE) Designs Cost Low Medium Medium High High Topologies Point-to-point, linear Linear, ring Linear, ring Mesh, interconnected rings Mesh, interconnected rings Survivability 1+1, 1:1, 1:N 1+1 UPSR, 1+1 span 1+1 UPSR, OCh/ OMS-SPRING Applications Fiber-relief on congested spans Metro and access add-drop Metro-core/regional IOF add-drop
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Figure 9 - 2
Data Table 1
VLAN Connections
Blu-ray Disc Demystified
Figure 7-14
// Use ParallelLoopResult, ParallelLoopState, and Break() // with a parallel For loop. using System; using System.Threading.Tasks; class DemoParallelForWithLoopResult { static int[] data; // A method to be run as the body of a parallel loop. // The statements in this loop are designed to simply // consume some CPU time for the purposes of demonstration. static void MyTransform(int i, ParallelLoopState pls) { // Break out of loop if a negative value is found. if(data[i] < 0) pls.Break(); data[i] = data[i] / 10; if(data[i] if(data[i] if(data[i] if(data[i] } static void Main() { Console.WriteLine("Main thread starting."); data = new int[100000000]; // Initialize data. < > > > 1000) data[i] = 0; 1000 & data[i] < 2000) data[i] = 100; 2000 & data[i] < 3000) data[i] = 200; 3000) data[i] = 300;
Part II:
As you can see, the list is now sorted based on the key, which is the employee s name.
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