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Hydroxyl group An oxygen atom with one hydrogen atom covalently attached. Immunoglobulins Also called antibodies, proteins that can recognize and bind to foreign objects (such as viruses and bacteria). Induced dipole A distortion of the electron cloud of a neutral, nonpolar molecule due to the presence of an electric field, so that the molecule becomes a dipole. Interference The combining of two or more waves in a specific location resulting in increased or decreased wave height at that location. See also constructive and destructive interference. Intermediate filament A mid-sized tubelike or ropelike structure that is part of the cytoskeleton. Interphase The phase of the cell cycle where most of the cell s energy goes into growth and DNA replication. Ion An atom or molecule with a charge, due to one or more missing electrons or due to one or more extra electrons. Ion channel A type of transport protein that spans the bilayer and folds in a way to create a hydrophilic tunnel through which ions and other small hydrophilic molecules can pass. Ionic bond A bond that holds two atoms together due to each atom being an ion, one positive (cation) and one negative (anion). Ketone A carbonyl carbon that is also directly connected to two other atoms neither of which is hydrogen. Laminar flow Fluid flow in which the velocity of the fluid varies in layers, or according to the distance from the vessel walls, due to friction. Left-handed helix A helix that turns counterclockwise as you move along the length of the helix. Ligand A smaller molecule or atom that binds to a larger molecule. Ligand binding An association of one or more ligands (smaller molecules) with a larger molecule, held together by non-covalent forces. Linking number (Lk) The number of times that one closed curve is linked to another closed curve. Lipid Fat or oil. A molecule characterized by being not soluble in water and soluble in nonpolar solvents. Lipid vesicle A small hollow sphere of lipid molecules. The lipid molecules making up the vesicle are organized into a lipid bilayer.
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where I j is the current through the jth resistor, G j is the resistor s conductivity, G eq is the equivalent conductivity of the circuit, and Is is the source current. For the special case of two resistors I1 = R2 , R1 + R2 I2 = R1 R1 + R2
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Numbers and examples aid comprehension and believability. The more speci c the examples, facts, statistics, and numbers you can integrate into your text, the more credible your communications will be. EXERCISE 34: Add Speci city In your own draft, and in Brad s, look for opportunities to add examples, numbers, or facts. Because your work on Brad s report is speculative in nature, feel free to make up likely numbers or statistics. The goal of this exercise isn t to belabor the details; rather, it is to ensure that you understand the importance of adding speci city and to be certain you know where and how to integrate examples and numbers.
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bit, the carrier is saying that the frame is allowed in the network; however, as soon as the carrier experiences congestion, these are the first frames that are dropped. From the carrier s perspective, frames sent at a rate between BC and BE are bending the rules but will be allowed if enough bandwidth is available for them. It is important to point out that each VC has its own CIR, BC, and BE values. However, depending on the carrier s implementation of Frame Relay, or how you purchase the VCs, the BC and BE values might not be used. In some instances, the BE value defaults to the access rate the speed of the physical connection from the Frame Relay DTE to the Frame Relay DCE. This could be a fractional T1 running at, say, 256 Kbps, or a full T1 (1.544 Mbps). No matter how many VCs you have, or what their combined CIR values are, you are always limited to the access rate you can t exceed the speed of the physical connection. It is a common practice to oversubscribe the speed of the physical connection: this occurs when the total CIR of all VCs exceeds the access rate. Basically, you re betting that all VCs will not simultaneously run at their CIRs, but that most will run below their CIR values at any given time, requiring a smaller speed connection to the carrier. A Frame Relay setup incurs two basic costs: the cost of each physical connection to the Frame Relay switch and the cost of each VC, which is usually dependent on its rate parameters. Figure 26-7 shows an example of how these Frame Relay traffic parameters affect the data rate of a VC. The graph shows a linear progression of frames leaving a router s interface on a VC. As you can see from this figure, as long as the data rate of the VC is below the CIR/BC values, the Frame Relay switch allows the frames into the Frame Relay network. However, those frames (4 and 5) that exceed the BC value will have their DE bits set, which allows the Typically, frames that carrier to drop these frames in times of internal exceed the BC value have their DE bits set congestion. Also, any frames that exceed BE by the carrier. are dropped: in this example, Frames 6 and 7 are dropped. Some carriers don t support BC and BE. Instead, they mark all frames that exceed the CIR as discard eligible. This means that you can send all your frames into the carrier network at the access rate speed and the carrier will permit them in (after marking the DE bit). All of these options and implementations can make it confusing when you re trying to find the right Frame Relay solution for your network. For example, one carrier might sell you a CIR of 0 Kbps, which causes the carrier to permit all your traffic into the network but marks all of the frames
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Often we find that binding in one part of a molecule affects activity in another part of the same molecule. This property is known as allostery (from the Greek allos meaning other and stereos meaning object or solid object ). Allostery allows two things to take place: allosteric regulation and cooperativity. The control of a biological process by a cell or organism is called regulation. In many biochemical processes, one particular part of a protein molecule is directly involved in carrying out that protein s function (see also the section Structure Function Relationships ). That part is known as the active site of the protein. Many biological processes involve binding or some other interaction between molecules at the active site. Regulation of the process usually happens simply by controlling binding directly at the molecule s active site. Sometimes regulation of a process is achieved through binding somewhere other than the active site. This other binding site is called the allosteric site because of its long-distance effect on the active site. When a biochemical process is controlled in this way, we say that the process exhibits allosteric regulation. Sometimes some sites behave as active sites and as allosteric sites at the same time, each affecting the other. The result is cooperativity, the occurrence of separate events together in a nonindependent manner. There are different degrees of cooperativity. In a slightly cooperative process, events occur only slightly more together than they would if they were completely independent. In a highly cooperative process, a set of otherwise independent events occurs in a mostly all-or-none manner. The classic case of allosteric cooperative binding is that of oxygen binding to hemoglobin. Hemoglobin carries oxygen from our lungs through our blood to cells throughout our body. One hemoglobin complex can bind four oxygen molecules. The four sites that actively bind oxygen also act as allosteric sites, each enhancing the binding of oxygen to the remaining sites. The result is that four oxygen molecules tend to bind to hemoglobin in an almost all-or-none manner. The long-distance effects of an allosteric site on another part of a molecule can be the result of conformational changes or of changes in intramolecular
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Interior panels of compact sections: 1. Refer to Section 2. Strength limit states I and II. 3. Uncured slab. Interior panels of non-compact sections: 1. Strength limit states I and II. 2. Construction limit state and uncured slab. 3. Refer to Section
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IV. Even More on Integrals of Reciprocals of Quadratic Expressions
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