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Connecting with Your Spirit without Disconnecting from Your Brain
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Many situations occur where a given IP datagram needs to be sent to multiple hosts. Perhaps the example most applicable to VoIP is a conference, where voice streams from one or more participants need to be distributed to many listeners. Sending packets to each destination individually is possible, but a far better solution is to send the same packet to a single address that is associated with all listeners. This type of solution is known as multicasting. The following section provides a brief overview of the concept of multicasting. Multicasting involves the definition of multicast groups and a given group is assigned a multicast address. All members of the group retain their own IP addresses, but also receive datagrams sent to the multicast address. In order to support multicasting, a number of requirements must be met. There must be an address space allocated for multicast addresses so that they are not treated as ordinary addresses. Hosts that want to join a particular group must be able to do so and must inform local routers of their membership in a group. Routers must be able to recognize when one or more attached hosts belong to a particular group, as identified by a particular multicast address. Routers must support the capability to forward multicast datagrams correctly. Finally, routing protocols such as OSPF must support the propagation of routing information for multicast addresses. Furthermore, routing tables should be set up so that the minimum number of datagrams is sent. For example, let s assume that a particular host joins a group and that the host is connected to router A. Let s also assume that other members of the group are connected to router B. Finally, let s assume that some host attached to router C wants to send a datagram to the group. In that case, there needs to be a means for router C to be aware that datagrams for the group s multicast address must be sent to both router A and router B. As a second example, let s assume that multicast router D exists in the path between router C and routers A and B. In that case, router C should not send two datagrams to routers A and B via router D. Instead, router C should forward a single copy of the datagram to router D. Router D should
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Figure 1-2. The stateful firewall checks the returning traffic against the information in the connection
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Self Test Answers
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Bridges versus Switches
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Multiple Dimensions on Rows or Columns
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c. Using the density and volume values from questions 1 and 2, calculate the theoretical
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Quality of Service (QoS)
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Views, Zooming, Navigating Your Work
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TCP/IP Protocol Stack Protocols and Protocol Standards FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
torque-slip curve), and generates power (instantaneously runs with negative slip in the generator region, supplying power back to the source).
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If you use Network Manager for Citrix Presentation Server or other Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) management software for monitoring the server only (not remote management), Citrix recommends the privileges be read-only. If no SNMP consoles are used, remove the SNMP service from the server. NOTE You must give Read Create permissions to the SNMP service for administrative tasks, such as Logoff and Disconnect through Network Manager.
Controlling Your Motors
Part Four
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