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Some cameras use the same mechanism we found in focus lock. Exposure lock lets you press the shutter release button and lock in the light meter reading when you reposition the camera so the object you took a light reading from is no longer in the center of the frame. The trouble with this method is that after you take one shot, you ve lost that exposure reading. Some cameras have a separate button labeled AE or AEL, for automatic exposure lock. If you press this button while your camera s light meter is taking a reading, the exposure will remain locked at that setting while you continue to snap pictures. You can move all around a subject, shooting it from different angles, and your camera remains tied to the same exposure setting.
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int sscanf(char *buf, const char *format, arg-list)
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The access( ) function returns 0 if the specified access is allowed; otherwise, it returns 1. Upon failure, the predefined global variable errno is set to one of these values: ENOENT EACCES File not found Access denied
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Shore-power connection
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2.2.2 Fundamentals
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This constructor creates a writer that will put its output into a string. This string (in the form of a StringBuilder) is automatically created by StringWriter. You can obtain the contents of this string by calling ToString( ). Here is an example that uses StringReader and StringWriter:
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Instead of measuring the reflected response to optical pulses as in the preceding two methods, a reflectometer trace can be calculated from the reflected response to a continuous optical signal that carries a modulation covering a range of frequencies. A continuously modulated optical carrier reflectometer (Figure 28.11) consists simply of an electrical network analyzer coupled to an optical source and optical receiver, with a fiber coupler providing access to the fiber under test. The electrical source generates a swept sine wave, which drives an optical modulator. The resulting optical signal carries a sinusoidal amplitude modulation. A phasesensitive receiver detects both the amplitude and phase (relative to the source) of the
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1. Using the Island Resorts Marketing universe, set the Classes and Objects pane to display the condition objects. Position your cursor in the class where you want the new object to appear in this example, Customer. 2. Click the Insert Condition button on the toolbar or select Insert | Condition from the pull-down menus. 3. In the Name box, enter Platinum Customer. 4. In the Description box, enter some meaningful help text, such as: A platinum customer is a predefined list of customer codes with revenues of $100,000 or more in any given year. 5. In the Where box, click >> to call up SQL Editor. 6. At this point, you could manually enter the WHERE statement shown in the next screen. These step-by-step instructions use point and click to build the condition object. Under Classes and Objects, scroll to the class that contains the object you want to use for the WHERE clause. In this example, click the + next to Customer. 7. For response time reasons, you want the WHERE clause on the indexed Customer Id object rather than the nonindexed Customer. Double-click Customer Id to have it added to the WHERE statement. Note that Designer uses the @Select function.
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The very first request issued by a client is likely to be REGISTER, because this is the request that provides the server with an address at which the user can be reached for SIP sessions. The REGISTER request is somewhat similar to the Registration Request between a terminal and a gatekeeper in H.323. Figure 5-8 shows an example registration scenario. In this scenario, Collins has logged in to host This causes a REGISTER request to be sent to the local registrar. The Via: header field contains the path taken by the request so far, which requires that the originating client insert its own address in this field. Note the format of the Via: header and in particular the fact that it specifies the transport being used. The default is the User Datagram Protocol (UDP). Note also that the Via: header pdf417 free
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The output from this program is shown here:
5: Monitoring in PerformancePoint Server
The Charger and Electrical System
A typical Frame Relay connection looks similar to Figure 26-3. As you can see in this example, serial cables connect from the router to the CSU/DSU and from the carrier switch to the CSU/DSU. The serial cables that you can use include
6 Developing Data Models for Business Databases
MPLS LSPs may be established using various methods. The most commonly used are covered in this section.
Specifies that a reverse DNS lookup should not be performed for each hop to, and including, the destination Specifies the maximum number of hops that the trace can traverse to the destination Specifies the number of seconds to wait for an echo reply message before giving up on the reply; if you omit this parameter, the default is 2 seconds
Cloud Applications
If you could support the conductor shown in Figure 6-1 so that it could rotate in the magnetic field, you would create the condition shown in the upper part of Figure 6-2.
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