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25: WAN Introduction
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Router(config)# ip nat inside source static inside_local_source_IP_address inside_global_source_IP_address Router(config)# ip nat outside source static outside_global_destination_IP_address outside_local_destination_IP_address
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The reason that you don t have to specify System.IO for console input and output is that the Console class is defined in the System namespace.
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BVCBO , the collector-to-base breakdown voltage, the amplitude of collector voltage that will normally break down the collector junction PD(MAX), the maximum total power dissipation a transistor is capable of in an ambient air temperature of 25 C TJ(MAX), the maximum internal junction semiconductor material breaks down temperature before the
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This is a comment. Like most other programming languages, C++ lets you enter a remark into a program s source code. The contents of a comment are ignored by the compiler. The purpose of a comment is to describe or explain the operation of a program to anyone reading its source code. In the case of this comment, it identifies the program. In more complex programs, you will use comments to help explain what each feature of the program is for and how it goes about doing its work. In other words, you can use comments to provide a play-by-play description of what your program does. In C++, there are two types of comments. The one you ve just seen is called a multiline comment. This type of comment begins with a /* (a slash followed by an asterisk). It ends only when a */ is encountered. Anything between these two comment symbols
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Printing tends to be one of the most difficult and time-consuming parts of an enterprise application delivery infrastructure implementation. Decisions must be made about the configuration of one or more central print servers at each data center as well as the type and quantity of print servers in remote offices. Just a few of the other printer-related decisions the team will have to make include integration of host system printing, local PC printing, printer auto-creation to create temporary printer assignments for mobile users, trusted print sources, lockdown of registries, and control over printer access. (Printing is discussed in detail in 17.)
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The proper way to install print drivers is to use the Print Server Properties dialog box. It can be found by going to Start |Settings | Printers. In the Printers window, select File and then choose Server Properties. On the Drivers tab, administrators can see all the print drivers installed on the server. They can also add, remove, and update drivers, as shown in Figure 17-1. Drivers can also be installed using the Add Printer Wizard. The Add Printer Wizard method installs the printer as on a normal workstation. An unused local port is selected during the installation of the printer. The printer is then deleted manually, leaving the print drivers behind for use in auto-creation. The preferred method for adding print drivers is the Print Server Properties dialog box. A few quick tips for driver installation: Only install print drivers for printers that will be used by ICA clients in the farm. Always install print drivers on the same XenApp Server and then replicate the drivers to the other servers in the farm. If possible, install print drivers that work for multiple printer types. This limits the number of required print drivers in the environment.
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Filters are essentially data translators for files created in other applications or in formats not native to CorelDRAW. Import filters take the data from other applications and translate that data into information that can be viewed and edited from within CorelDRAW. Export filters translate data from your CorelDRAW document to a format recognized by a different program or publishing medium. As with Import filters, Export filters frequently contain dialogs where you set up options to export the precise data you need for the target application or publishing medium. When you export a file, the new file format may not support all the features that CorelDRAW s native file format (CDR) supports. For this reason, even when exporting work, you should always save a copy of your work in CorelDRAW s native file format.
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Here is the output:
present the appropriate exercises for each session and can even be used to help track the performance (weight, strength, etc.) of multiple users throughout the course of the program. Local storage is not unlimited, so when it fills up the player may delete the oldest entries first or may allow the user. Therefore, use of local storage must be designed to respond gracefully if no data is present.
Access Control
Figure 12.25 Corroded bearings due for replacement.
sent to the base in reply to some other system condition. An example would be during excessive reverse power as detected at the transmitter s output (which should shut down the system or supply a panel warning) or when a transceiver changes from receive to transmit (in which case the transmitter section, and not the receiver, requires DC power). The transistor switch is perfect for these applications, as is the passive diode switch below. Diodes serve a vital function in switching applications in wireless communications and are used to switch in, or out, various values of crystals, filters, tuned tanks, subsystems, entire sections, etc., into or across the signal path. A simple diode switch is shown in Fig. 8.11. C1 and C2 block the DC bias, but easily pass the AC signal. When the mechanical switch (SW) is in the off position, a negative DC bias is placed across the diode, reverse-biasing D1 and stopping the signal from passing on to the output. In order to forward-bias the diode and allow the RF signal to pass, the mechanical switch is turned on, placing a positive voltage that forward-biases D1 into conduction. This permits the signal to cross the now low resistance of the diode to the output. R1 is a current limiting resistor to ground for the DC bias voltage through the diode, while the RFC prevents the RF from entering the power supply.
Connectivity Services Ethernet Service Type Dedicated (All to One Bundling) Shared (Service Multiplexed) Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL)
The lower the rating factor, the higher the priority for selection and funding. The terms in the rating factor are de ned as follows: SR is suf ciency rating computed as illustrated in Appendix A of the Recording and Coding Guide for the Structure Inventory and Appraisal of the Nation s Bridges, USDOT/FHWA (latest edition). (If SR is less than 1.0, use SR 1.0). ADT is average daily traf c in thousands, taking the most current value from the national bridge inventory data. ADTT is average daily truck traf c in thousands (pickup trucks and light delivery trucks not included). For load posted bridges, the ADTT furnished should be that which would use the bridge if traf c were not restricted. The ADTT should be the annual average volume, not peak or seasonal; ADT is ADT plus ADTT. N is National Highway System status. N 1 if it is not on the National Highway System; N 1.5 if bridge carries a National Highway System road; The last term of the rating factor expression includes the state s unobligated balance of funds received under 23 U.S.C. 144. TPC is total project cost in millions of dollars. HBRRP is Highway Bridge Replacement and Rehabilitation Program. Minimum suf ciency rating used will be 1.0. If the computed suf ciency rating for a candidate bridge is less than 1.0, use 1.0 in the rating factor formula. If the unobligated balance of HBRRP funds for the state is less than $10 million, the HBRRP modi er is 1.0. Special considerations: The selection process for new discretionary bridge projects will be based upon the rating factor priority ranking. Special consideration will be given to bridges that are closed to all traf c or that have a load restriction of less than 10 tons.
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