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Although providing a better quality video connection, these component connections do not provide HDCP security, either.
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// Create a query that obtains positive values less than 10. var posNums = from n in nums where n > 0 where n < 10 select n; Console.Write("The positive values less than 10: "); // Execute the query and display the results. foreach(int i in posNums) Console.Write (i + " "); Console.WriteLine(); } }
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To use the Enneagram for coaching, the learner must first identify his or her Enneagram style. Some people recognize their Enneagram style easily and relatively quickly, while others need more time to do so. A number of factors influence this, including self-awareness level, experience in identifying and understanding patterns of response, and the complexity of the individual. However, the amount of time needed is not a major issue; self-reflection and self-discovery are as important and valuable as identifying one s Enneagram style, and both are essential for a learner to be effectively coached. The most accurate way to identify one s style is to learn the Enneagram system through an individual coaching session with someone who knows the Enneagram well, to attend an introductory workshop, to read an excellent Enneagram book, or to take an Enneagram typing test used in conjunction with one of these other methods. Although there are several Enneagram tests available both online and in hard copy, none have sufficient stand-alone reliability and validity to consistently type people accurately. It is important that people take time in discovering their Enneagram style and that they are careful not to prematurely type themselves. They need to remember that the Enneagram describes a person s internal character structure and motivation, not merely his or her visible character traits and behavior. In fact, several Enneagram styles exhibit similar behavior, but each does it for fundamentally different reasons. This chapter, an overview of Enneagram theory and how it relates to coaching, provides a context for understanding the nine Enneagram styles. Each style is then described in greater detail in s 3 through 11.
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Figure 3-3
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