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26: Frame Relay
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stress, voice-family speak speak defines the method by which an element s text should be aurally rendered, or if it should be rendered at all.
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Sum: 36 Sum: 45 Sum: 55
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A coaching application of the positive questioning approach Appreciative Inquiry, the book is filled with affirmative questions to ask coaching clients.
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Graphical plots of windup versus time and of radial contact force versus time are given as the dashed curves in Figs. 12.18 and 12.19.
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Combining and Breaking Apart Artistic Text
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// Demonstrate a partial method. using System; partial class XY { public XY(int a, int b) { X = a; Y = b; } // Declare a partial method. partial void Show(); } partial class XY { public int X { get; set; }
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To accomplish the first function, a router will need to do the following:
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measurements available, it is first necessary to consider the layered maintenance model shown in Figure 7.38. In this model (fully described in Bellcore FR-NWT000475, Network Maintenance: Transport Surveillance ), two types of maintenance are defined:
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Part I:
Figure 15-15
d = x 2d(lnx) + (lnx ) d ( x ) = x y
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Even though a single name appears on the cover of this book, the project would not be possible without a cast of many ne folks. Many thanks to Roger Stewart for making this project possible. Thanks to Carly Stapleton for making sure the chapters and accompanying illustrations were delivered to the right folks at the right time. Thanks to Lisa McCoy, copyeditor, and to Sam, project manager at ITC, for taking this bull by the horns (that would be me, the author, a card-carrying Taurus) and making sure that the words you read are squeaky clean. Thanks to Dave Huss, technical editor and fellow shutterbug. Thanks to Margot Maley Hutchison for handling the ne print. Thanks to fellow authors Bonnie Blake, Joyce Evans, and Ken Milburn for being sources of inspiration, good friends, and ecologically sane citizens of this planet. Special thanks to my friends, mentors, and family members, especially you, Karen and Ted. Special kudos to my social secretary, Niki the Cat, whom I m currently training to make origami from the many credit card offers I receive.
Indexers and Properties
Cost Effective Preventive Strategies
Spiral wrap
The Line Tools you ll work with most often are the Freehand, Polyline, B zier, 3-Point Curve, Artistic Media, and Pen tools. The more specialized pens are the Dimension and Connector Tools, also documented in this chapter. Some of these tools are closely related in function, so it s best to become acquainted with the cursors of the most common ones, as shown in Figure 10-1.
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