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Different motor types in their numerous variations give you an almost unlimited bag of tricks in terms of solutions, but you have to figure out which one to use. If someone tells you there is only one motor solution for a given application, ask another person. Their not-so-surprising and different answer ought to convince you that there are no blackand-white motor solutions only shades of gray. You can probably find three or four good motors for any need and you should look for and ask the questions that uncover these alternate solutions. On any given motor solutions list, you might choose the motor with the lowest price because that is your most important criteria. Another person might choose the motor with the lightest weight. Still another might choose the motor with the best startup torque. Regenerative braking might be most important to another person, and so on. Just remember shades of gray. Following along with this theme, the solution recommended here is not the solution, it is just a solution that happened to work best in this case. However, for economy conversions, DC series wound has been noted to be the best approach. Other motors are getting harder to find and not every controller on the market can drive the motor. For efficiency and for regenerative braking (which buys about 25 percent range in city driving), AC motors are the best way to go.
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StdLastName StdCity
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Figure 7-11
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dataset can relate to only a single data source. The command type for a dataset tied to an Analysis Services data source can only be of type Text, although relational sources can present other options. Finally, there is a box for the query string. At this point, the developer is certainly free to start typing in the appropriate MDX statement, but often this box is left blank and the query is designed using the graphical query builder tool that will be examined next. Note too that there are a number of tabs along the top of the Dataset dialog, some of which will be examined during the chapter. Assuming that the developer has set only the options shown in Figure 10-4, clicking the OK button returns her to the report s Data tab with a designer loaded. Actually, there are two views for the query designer: one is the design view, as shown in Figure 10-5, and the other is simply a view of the text of the query with a results pane below it. Flipping back and forth between the two views is accomplished by clicking the Design View button, which is the right-most button to the right of the Dataset drop-down list box. When working with cubes, it s easy at this point to construct a query simply by dragging and dropping items from the Metadata tab to the main work area of the Query Designer. In this case, this particular report will look at the orders by customer location. Also, in the Adventure Works sample, the end customer is known only for Internet orders. Therefore, the Internet Sales Amount measure is brought over from the appropriate measure group and dropped on the design surface. A value now appears immediately; this is the sum of all Internet Sales for all time, all products, all customers, and so forth. Since this will be a report about customers and their sales, it might be tempting to simply drag the entire Customer Geography hierarchy onto the design surface. Certainly this will work, but you should understand the impact: the query will now go down to the lowest level of the hierarchy, which in this case is the individual customer. That means that the query in the background will be retrieving a dataset that is potentially very large, and both time and memory constraints may enter into the picture. Figure 10-5 actually shows the entire Customer Geography hierarchy in the design surface. For small cubes this may not be an issue, but in the real world you may find that going down to the leaf level can lead to issues, especially when there are multiple dimensions on the report, as there will be in a moment. By simply having the Customer Geography hierarchy you know that there is only one dimension in the report at the moment. This might work in some cases, but many reports also include time, so for this report the Date.Calendar hierarchy will be dragged from the Metadata window and dropped on the design surface. Once again, dragging the entire hierarchy over means that the dataset now includes individual customer sales at the day level; this is potentially a huge dataset and on cubes of any decent size, this could be a very slow query.
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Figure 2.12 De ciencies causing functionally obsolete bridges.
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The suite is used by more than 20,000 companies worldwide today with more than 90 percent running VMware virtual infrastructure in production server environments and 25 percent choosing to standardize their industry-standard systems on VMware.
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Control Area In DVD terms, a portion of the Lead-In area that contains a single ECC block, containing key disc data, repeated 16 times. Cross-Platform Development Authoring and formatting to ensure playback on more than one computer platform. For example, Macromedia Director can be used as a cross-platform development tool to allow playback under either Windows or Macintosh systems. Cross-Interleaved Reed-Solomon Code Shortened to CIRC. An error correction technique speci cally developed for use with Red Book audio data. This form of error control results in only one uncorrectable bit per every 109 bits. Additional correction codes used in Yellow Book to cover CD-ROM data reduce uncorrectable bit counts even further, down to one per 1013. Cue Sheet A sequence of tracks to be recorded in order when mastering a multitrack audio or mixed-mode compact disc. d-characters A basic ISO 9660 character set that consists of the following characters: Capital A through Z; numerals 0 through 9; and underscore (_). DAT Shortened form of Digital Audio Tape. A storage format for audio information on 4mm tape cartridges. Sony originated the techniques for sampling audio data and converting to a digital framework while designing their original DAT drives.
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Dry When you print a photo, allow it to dry without anything on it for 24 hours. It may seem to be dry much sooner or even feel dry to the touch, but the absorption process goes on for hours afterward. Glossy and premium papers take longer to dry than photos on ordinary printer paper. Don t allow prints to pile up in the printer s output bin.
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A Better Universe
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WiMAX Mesh
Shore-power cable connector SHORE SIDE BOAT SIDE Power inlet (insulated from boat if isolator installed)
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