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The Dialogs tab contains five items, which are summarized in Table 29-3.
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and the call is established. However, there might be a problem, particularly in the case of interworking with other networks. In the case of interworking, the 180 (ringing) response or the 183 (session progress) response can be mapped to the Q.931 Alerting message or the ISUP Address Complete message (ACM). External network elements might be expecting such messages/responses to drive state machines, or certain applications might be relying upon guaranteed delivery to ensure that a particular feature or service operates correctly. A simple example would be a call to an unassigned number. The SS7 ACM message is used to open a one-way path from the called end to the calling end in order to relay an announcement such as The number you have called has been changed. If the ACM is mapped to a 180 or 183 response and that response is not delivered to the calling end, then the caller might be left in the dark and not understand why the call did not connect. Therefore, a SIP extension has been specified to provide reliability for SIP provisional responses. The document describing this SIP extension is titled Reliability of Provisional Responses in SIP (RFC 3262). The extension involves the addition of two new headers: response sequence (RSeq) and response ACK (RAck). RAck is a request header field, and RSeq is a response header field. The extension also defines an option tag to be used with the supported SIP header. This option tag is 100rel. The tag may also be included in the unsupported header to indicate that a server does not understand the option. The extension also defines a new SIP method, Provisional Response ACK (PRACK). The extension works according to the following example. A client that supports the reliable delivery of provisional responses sends an INVITE, which includes the supported header with the option tag 100rel and the Require: header with the option tag 100rel. When a server receives the INVITE and determines that a provisional response should be delivered reliably, it sends the response and includes the RSeq header. It then waits for the client to send a PRACK message to confirm that the response has been received. If a PRACK message is received, then it is certain that the provisional response was received. Upon reception of the PRACK, the server returns 200 (OK) to indicate that the PRACK has been received. If the server does not receive the PRACK message, then it shall retransmit the response T1 seconds later (the default T1 value is 0.5 seconds or 500 milliseconds). If the server still does not receive a PRACK, then it retransmits the response every T1 seconds, up to a maximum of 64 times, after which the server assumes that a network failure has occurred. The initial provisional response contains the RSeq header, which is defined to carry a 32-bit integer value between 1 and 4,294,967,295. The
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1. Listen attentively. Listening with an open mind and heart is the most important gift a developer can offer. Individuals in crisis need to talk about what is disturbing them and can often determine what they need to do on their own by telling their story to another person, knowing that someone cares enough to give them their full attention, and learning more about themselves as they talk. In addition, learners may need clear, practical, and wise advice from the developer so that they don t do something precipitous that they will later regret. Unless they
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obtains the value of x, increments x, and then adds that value to the current value of y. This result is assigned to y. As the output shows, simply changing ++x to x++ changes the number series quite substantially.
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You must first enter the logical name of the interface that the IPv6 network resides off of. This is followed by the IPv6 destination network, including the prefix (the number of bits in the network number). For a default route, use ::/0 as the address and prefix. After the destination network is the next-hop IPv6 address of the neighboring router the IPv6 packets should be routed to. Last, you can optionally change the administrative distance of the static route. The administrative distance is used when there are two paths to the same destination, but you prefer one path over another the lower the value, the more preferred the route. To view the IPv6 routing table on the appliance, use the show ipv6 route command. Here s an example of this command:
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6.6 Inverse Trigonometric Functions ...................................................................................................................................... 6.6.1 Introductory Remarks generate data matrix
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Figure 3-1 Organization goals and objectives translate down into audit activities.
Networking Through the Internet Using System.Net
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Laserdiscs were a success in education almost from day one. Teachers saw the advantage of rapid access to thousands of pictures and high-impact motion video sequences. They began investing in laserdisc players and discs after seeing the effectiveness of laserdisc-based instruction in the classroom. In 1998, 20 years after their debut, more than 250,000 laserdisc players were still found in schools in the United States. Computer multimedia has largely replaced laserdisc in the classroom, but the ease of popping in a laserdisc and pressing play, or scanning a few barcodes, may never be matched by computers with their complicated cables and software setups and daunting troubleshooting requirements. Educational publishers were slow to embrace DVD-Video. They did not see a large market, and many of them were hurt by the mass flocking of teachers to the Internet as the new source of free educational technology. Educational video titles require significant work to develop and must be designed to meet curriculum standards. Purpose-built educational titles will be even slower to appear for Blu-ray than for DVD. However, DVD and Blu-ray titles from many other sources help fill the void documentaries, historical dramas, newsreel archives, educational television programming, and even popular movies, TV shows, and edutainment programs work well for classroom as well as home education. The particular advantage of DVD and Blu-ray for this application is random access. Teachers can quickly jump to any desired video segment and can skip sections during playback. If a computer is used to play the disc, it can be programmed to show particular sections in a specific order. As Blu-ray eventually becomes a mainstream vehicle for delivering video, a larger base of educational content will build up. It will be able to take advantage of Blu-ray features such as random access to hundreds of video segments, subpicture overlays to enhance video presentation, on-screen quizzes, games, multiple-scenario presentations, adaptation to learner needs, multiple languages, tailored commentary tracks, and much more.
Table 11-4 The FileMode Values constructor opens a file for read/write access. The exception is when the file is opened using FileMode.Append. In this case, the file is write-only. If a failure occurs when attempting to open the file, an exception will be thrown. If the file cannot be opened because it does not exist, FileNotFoundException will be thrown. If the file cannot be opened because of some type of I/O error, IOException will be thrown. Other possible exceptions are ArgumentNullException (the filename is null), ArgumentException (the filename is invalid), ArgumentOutOfRangeException (the mode is invalid), SecurityException (user does not have access rights), PathTooLongException (the filename/ path is too long), NotSupportedException (the filename specifies an unsupported device), and DirectoryNotFoundException (specified directory is invalid). The exceptions PathTooLongException, DirectoryNotFoundException, and FileNotFoundException are subclasses of IOException. Thus, it is possible to catch all three by catching IOException. The following shows one way to open the file test.dat for input:
Info for t1: Triangle is right Width and height are 8 and 12 Area is 48 Info for t2: Triangle is right Width and height are 8 and 12 Area is 48
The Object List at the top of the code window lists the available objects for that module. If a module is displayed, only one object the (General) object appears. If a form s code window is open, all the form s controls (buttons, labels, text boxes, list boxes, and so on) will be listed as well as (General). The Procedure List names the available procedures for the selected object. For most modules, this is merely a list of all the subs and functions. (VBA records macros as subroutines, which it identifies with the keyword Sub. ) Basically, these two lists give you a table of contents for zooming around large modules. Some modules can grow to several hundred or even thousands of lines in length, so such assistance is welcome.
Creating a Traditional-Style Main Menu
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