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This program displays the following output:
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When Does This Solution Not Fit
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SOLUTION The rst step in the method of partial fractions is to write A B C 3s 2 + 2 = + + (s + 1)(s 2)(s 4) s+1 s 2 s 4 Hence, we need to determine the constants A, B,and C. We begin by multiplying both sides by (s + 1)(s 2)(s 4), giving 3s 2 + 2 = A(s 2)(s 4) + B(s + 1)(s 4) + C(s + 1)(s 2) Now let s eliminate each of the variables in turn. If we let s = 1, we eliminate B and C and obtain 3( 1)2 + 2 = A( 1 2)( 1 4), 5 = 15A, A = 1/3 Now eliminate A and C by letting s = 2. Then we nd 3(2)2 + 2 = B(2 + 1)(2 4), 14 = 6B, B = 7/3
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What is unique about these three properties of water: boiling point, specific heat capacity, and density change over phase change
Chemistry: Matter and Change 7
IPSec Site-to-Site
Build Your Own Combat Robot
Part II:
Formula Types
1 5 cases per 10,000 pregnancies (most women are immune secondary to prior infection) It includes a prodrome of fever, malaise, and myalgia followed, 1 4 days later, by a vesicular rash Bacterial superinfection of vesicles Pneumonia Arthritis Glomerulonephritis Myocarditis Ocular disease Adrenal insufficiency Death CNS abnormalities
where C is the constant of integration. As we will quickly see, we cam exploit these properties of the exponential function when working with Laplace transforms.
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