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As the comments indicate, ip is a pointer to integers because its base type is int, and dp is a pointer to doubles because its base type is double. As you will see, the base type is very important in pointer operations.
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Dolby Digital audio compression (known as AC-3 in standards documents) provides for up to 5.1 channels of discrete audio.18 One of the advantages of Dolby Digital is that it analyzes the audio signal to differentiate short, transient signals from long, continuous signals. Short sample blocks are then used for short sounds and long sample blocks are used for longer sounds. This results in smoother encoding without transient suppression and block boundary effects that can occur with fixed block sizes. For compatibility with existing audio/video systems, Dolby Digital decoders can downmix multichannel programs to ensure that all the channels are present in their proper proportions for mono, stereo, or Dolby Pro Logic reproduction. Dolby Digital uses a frequency transform somewhat like the DCT transform of JPEG and MPEG and groups the resulting values into frequency bands of varying widths to match the critical bands of human hearing. Each transformed block is converted to a floating-point frequency representation that is allocated a varying number of bits from a common pool, according to the importance of the frequency band. The result is a constant bitrate (CBR) data stream. Dolby Digital also includes dynamic range information so that different listening environments can be compensated for. Original audio mixes, such as movie sound tracks, which are designed for the wide dynamic range of a theater, can be encoded to maintain the clarity of the dialogue and to enable emphasis of soft passages when played at low volume in the home. Dolby Digital was developed from the ground up as a multichannel coder designed to meet the diverse and often contradictory needs of consumer delivery. It also has a significant lead over other multichannel systems in both marketing and standards adoption. Millions of Dolby Digital decoders are in living rooms, and Dolby Digital was chosen for the U.S. DTV (digital television) standard and is being used for digital satellite systems and most other digital television systems.
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You might find a second form of Abort( ) useful in some cases. Its general form is shown here: public void Abort(object stateInfo) Here, stateInfo contains any information that you want to pass to the thread when it is being stopped. This information is accessible through the ExceptionState property of ThreadAbortException. You might use this to pass a termination code to a thread. The following program demonstrates this form of Abort( ):
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Filling Objects
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SIP Connections and Application Inspection
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Scorecards are based on KPIs, and one of the key features of KPIs is the fact that they can include filters. If a scorecard is going to be tied to a filter on a dashboard, that KPI should not include a filter for the dimension that will be filtered on the dashboard. In other words, if the dashboard parameter is based on the Product
Be familiar with when static routes are used versus a dynamic routing protocol. Understand the syntax of the ip route command and the default values, if omitted. Know how to configure a default route. Be able to find misconfigured static routes in a router s configuration. Know how to read the output of the show ip route command and to find the administrative distance and metric values of dynamic routing protocols in this output. Don t be surprised if you see a simulation question on the exam for which you have to configure or troubleshoot a dynamic routing protocol RIPv2, OSPF, or EIGRP on multiple routers.
the various marketing claims will need to be substantiated carefully before purchasing decisions are made by the customer. Just as a buyer of an automobile would need to assess the need for a car to determine which model will suit that purpose, so will a software purchaser need to assess the requirements of the tasks carefully to choose among the various products addressing these needs. It is all too common that a specific product is purchased primarily on hearsay or assumed reputation, just so that the necessary research that would actually result in a more satisfactory purchase can be avoided. In an unfamiliar field it is
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Unformatted and Binary I/O
(Return types do not provide sufficient information in all cases for C# to decide which method to use.) Of course, overloaded methods may differ in their return types, too. When an overloaded method is called, the version of the method executed is the one whose parameters match the arguments. Here is a simple example that illustrates method overloading:
Functions, Part Two: References, Overloading, and Default Arguments
Active mixers vary from passive diode mixers in that they can supply a conversion gain instead of a loss; they require far less LO power, are much less sensitive to port terminations, have better ultimate LO-to-IF isolation, and produce less mixer spurs. However, wide adoption of active mixers, such as the Gilbert cell type, has been dramatically hindered by a very poor IP3, high NF (around 15 dB), and the need for a DC supply voltage. The first two problems have limited the active mixer s role to the later stages of a receiver where NF matters little, and where the dynamic range of the signal is more under control by the AGC. Active mixers are available up to RF frequencies of 5 GHz, with IF frequencies of 2 GHz, and are double balanced.
Figure 16-6: The ANSI and UAWG G.Lite spectrum
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