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This is another way in which the interactive entertainment business is different from the high-technology business. People don t give lab equipment as Christmas gifts, so the people who sell lab equipment don t have to worry about what time of year it s released. But the game business is a lot like the toy business in this respect. Nearly 50 percent of the game industry s revenues come from pre-Christmas sales, and this imposes a schedule on game development for the rest of the year. In practical terms, this means that a game should be shipped and on store shelves by the Friday after Thanksgiving, the biggest shopping day of the year in the United States. With this as a requirement, we can design a schedule by working backward (I ve included one in 4). Of course, in countries where they don t have Thanksgiving, the Christmas shopping season starts at different times; and in countries where Christmas is not observed, the ideal ship date may be at another time of year altogether. However, it s true as a general rule that game sales don t do as well in the summer as they do in the winter, because people are enjoying outdoor activities rather than looking for ways to entertain themselves indoors. Publishers don t schedule all their games to ship at Thanksgiving, of course; they need income all year round and not just in one quarter. They will look at their financial forecasts and decide on a ship date based on when they feel they need the money (among other factors). But if a game is supposed to ship for Christmas and doesn t for some reason, it s usually a serious problem. There is one other class of games that doesn t ship at Thanksgiving, and that is sports games. Consumer interest in sports games closely parallels the sport that they re simulating, so ideally a game should ship a few weeks before the start of the game s regular season. A pro football simulation should ship in August, and a pro baseball simulation should ship in March. The cyclical nature of the business imposes quite a burden on game development, for reasons that are explained in Fact #3.
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SOLUTION We observe that |x| g(x) f (x) = x sin x h(x) |x|. Thus we may apply the Pinching Theorem. Obviously
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Table 21-5.
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Ill 15-14
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In addition to AACS, there is a second mandatory content protection system for replicated Blu-ray Discs that uses a physical perturbation of the disc called the BD-ROM Mark. The concept of physical marks has been around since the days of Super Audio CDs and it proved very effective back then. The Blu-ray Disc Association picked up on the concept of a physical mark and instituted its use in combination with AACS. The physical mark contains information that is required for AACS processing. In detail, a BD-ROM Mark contains a 128-bit key as payload on the disc as the Volume ID. As previously noted, a Volume ID is essential in the decryption process of a disc. Without this information, the content on the disc cannot be decrypted successfully. The BD-ROM Mark does not prevent a copy from being made, but it blocks playback of the copy if it is recorded onto another disc. In addition to the added security provided by the BD-ROM Mark, the physical mark can also be used for tracking purposes in the event that pirated discs are discovered. This tracking function is made possible by the BD-ROM manufacturing process. When the Volume ID is calculated, the manufactured disc is irrevocably tied to the mastering facility. Hence, the place where the counterfeit discs were replicated can be identified in this way. All prerecorded Blu-ray Discs (other than BD-5 and BD-9) must contain this mark, otherwise they cannot be played back. As BD Recorders are not able to reproduce this mark, it
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This program first declares a delegate type called CountIt that has no parameters and returns void. Inside Main( ), a CountIt instance called count is created, and it is passed the block of code that follows the delegate keyword. This block of code is the anonymous method that will be executed when count is called. Notice that the block of code is followed by a semicolon, which terminates the declaration statement. The output from the program is shown here:
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CME s IT staff have met with CME s executives and answered the questions posed earlier in this chapter. Table 8-1 shows the results. With the business-continuity requirements documented and defined, CME s IT group is now able to create the technical portion of the document to ensure that the requirements will be met.
Number of Hosts per Subnet
A (dB)
u u u
Max. calls for VoIP bandwidth planning (x) 1,482 1,005 935 855 1,045 1,313 1,194 1,144 865 1,393 1,214 1,035
One way to give a variable a value is through an assignment statement, as you have already seen. Another way is by giving it an initial value when it is declared. To do this, follow the variable s name with an equal sign and the value being assigned. The general form of initialization is shown here: type var-name = value; Here, value is the value that is given to the variable when it is created. The value must be compatible with the specified type. Here are some examples:
The Microsoft Xbox is the first home console to be designed in the United States since the Atari Jaguar in the mid 90s and the Jaguar was a flop. Microsoft defied a lot of conventional wisdom with the Xbox. Since it s a PC-oriented company, they decided to make a PC-oriented console. The Xbox s microprocessor is functionally identical to a 733MHz Pentium III, and it runs a special version of the Windows operating system. It has a faster CPU and more RAM than any other console today, and it includes Universal Serial Bus and network connections normally only found on PCs. The Xbox is also the only one of the current generation of consoles that can display graphics at HDTV resolutions. Most importantly of all, the Xbox comes with a hard disk drive, which means that it can be put to other uses as well. It wouldn t be hard to convert an Xbox into a digital video recorder, for example. Microsoft went to all this trouble because they knew they were taking on giants in the console business. If they were going to beat Sony and Nintendo in the market-
You can rotate the objects in a blend group by fixed degree values using the Blend Direction option, shown in Figure 21-9. Enter an angle value (based on degrees of rotation). Positive values rotate the objects counterclockwise; negative values rotate them clockwise. With a rotation value specified, the last object in the blend group is rotated the full angle, with the intermediate steps rotated in even increments starting at 0 rotation the rotation value of the Start blend control object. This is a handy feature for suggesting action or even an animation. When Blend Direction is set to anything other than 0 on the Property Bar, the Loop Blend option is available. Choosing the Loop Blend option has the effect of applying both rotation and path Offset effects to the blend group. Looping a blend works in combination with the Blend Direction value, offsetting the objects from their original direction and rotating them simultaneously, as shown in Figure 21-10. If you then modify a blend control object, as done in the illustration on the bottom, you can achieve a different Loop effect, sort of like one of those children s toys that never really got the hang of walking down stairs.
If you want to become a programmer in the PC or console retail game industry, avoid new media educational programs that concentrate on development for the Web. The big games that come in shrink-wrapped boxes are written in C++, not JavaScript or perl. Shockwave is OK for prototyping the user interface and even the core mechanics in some cases, but it s not a substitute for the real deal. You will need a more hardcore programming education.
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After the value is set, stop and restart the IMA service or reboot the machine, so your changes take effect.
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