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The rst task is to determine how much AC power you will need. Table 8.1 lists the typical power consumptions of AC appliances and tools you may consider. The listed gures are representative and intended to be used for preliminary planning. If you already have the appliances, use their actual ratings instead. On every tool and appliance is a nameplate listing its electrical consumption. The amps and watts shown are the maximum steady-state values at the speci ed voltages. Motor-driven devices often draw start-up currents several times larger than their nameplate ratings. This is usually of small concern with inverters and generators, since both are capable of surge currents far in excess of their continuous ratings. If your inverter or generator is sized to run within its steady-state capacity, it should have little trouble starting a motor. To convert appliance ratings from amps to watts and vice versa, remember: Watts = Volts Amps Example: On the bottom of your toaster it says, 115 volt AC, 10 amps. First, ignore the fact that the voltage is listed as 115 (or 110 or 125) instead of 120. Although your toast will brown more quickly on 120 than 115 volts, the toaster will function on any voltage between 110 and 125 volts AC. To convert from amps to watts we use the formula: Watts = Volts Amps = 115 volts 10 amps = 1,150 watts The voltage of your onboard source may actually be 120 volts AC, in which case the toaster will draw slightly more than 10 amps and 1,150 watts, but we are just estimating our needs at this point. Column 3 of Table 8.1 lists typical operating times for each appliance. You may not have a listed appliance, or you may have it but rarely use it. The gures in column 3 are suggested operating times in hours per day when applicable. These gures obviously depend on lifestyle. For example, the table lists 1.3 hours per day for a 1,500-watt water heater. A single-handed boater might halve the listed time, but a family with teenagers might quadruple the listed 1.3 hours. After assembling your list of planned appliances, their rated wattages, and estimated hours of use, you are ready to compile your estimated daily electric load. Table 8.2, on the next page, provides a blank form you can photocopy and complete to determine your typical daily consumption in watt-hours.
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7- 10 The rate at which algae are growing in a certain pond
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The last part of the handshake is the ACK, which, with the exception of the ACK flag being set instead of the SYN flag, is the process described earlier in the PC-A Sending a TCP SYN to PC-B section. Again, no ARPs are necessary, nor does the switch need to do any re-learning, since this already occurred when PC-A sent the SYN to PC-B. Once the telnet is completed and the user types exit to end the telnet session, the session will be gracefully torn down. PC-A sends a special TCP segment with the FIN flag set (FIN is short for finish). Upon receiving this teardown message, PC-B will respond with a TCP segment where the FIN and ACK (FIN/ACK) flags are set, indicating that the telnet session is now over. A flag or code of RST is used to indicate that a session is being abnormally terminated.
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EXERCISE 22-1 Configuring Standard Numbered ACLs
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During hypoxic stress, where is fetal blood preferentially shunted How is fetal perfusion assessed with doppler ultrasound
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2. Two groups of users are connected to a switch: sales and marketing. You are concerned about marketing and sales people seeing each others traffic. What solutions would you use to prevent this (choose two) A. B. C. D. VLANs Hubs MAC address filtering Router with ACLs
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template <typename X> void swapargs(X &a, X &b) { X temp; temp = a; a = b; b = temp; }
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Private Network Technologies Private Network Technologies
duties from clients to a local server. Virtualization is another increasingly popular trend with offerings from such companies as Microsoft and VMWare. In addition to the server technology that lets you run your clients software in a centralized location, we will also talk about the thin clients that will find homes on your users desks. We will also talk about the virtualization efforts that McNeilus Steel underwent to streamline their IT infrastructure.
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Recorded macros are created as enclosed subs, starting with a Sub statement and ending with an End Sub statement. Variables are dimensioned before you use them. This means that you have to name a variable and set aside memory for it (dimension it) before you can do anything with it. You are basically listing the players that will be participating in the program.
The Chemistry: Matter and Change program uses safety symbols to alert you and your students to possible laboratory hazards. These symbols are provided in the student text inside the front cover and are explained below. Be sure your students understand each symbol before they begin an activity that displays a symbol.
To manually create a point while using the Magnetic Lasso tool, press the ALT key (Windows) or OPTION key (Macintosh).
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