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Emotional Patterns of Threes
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Automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology (also known as voice recognition) reliably recognizes certain human speech, such as discrete numbers and short commands, or continuous strings of numbers, like a credit card number. ASR can be divided into two groups:
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Mess. Type = Label Request (0401) Message ID FEC TLV Optional Parameters
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is represented by another color within the gamut. grayscale At least 255 shades of gray from pure white to pure black that represent light
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Ethernet switch layer
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High-Voltage, High-Current Power System
pany and raised money, probably with less than 200,000 DVD players sold nationwide. So that was certainly a big leap of faith. And then the second year, 1998, was no picnic either. That was also clouded by the arrival of DIVX and there certainly was a question of whether this was going to be a viable format. And it was really not until 1999 that it became obvious that was going to be successful it wasn t a question of if, it was more a question of how much and how fast. I ve heard recent gures stating that DVD has eclipsed the growth rate of CDs at the same point in their introductory period. By a wide margin. By almost any measure, units sold in the rst number of years or household adoptions in the rst number of years, but it is now the fastest launching consumer electronics device ever. You must feel pretty comfortable with your current corporate positioning. It is very, very solid. This is the heir-apparent to the VCR. The VCR is in upwards of 90% of American households. Although on the horizon there are other technologies that will allow us to watch movies in a different way. They will not stop DVD from becoming a ubiquitous household item. They will be perhaps a second wave which then comes over that later. There is a need for a device in every household to be able to watch movies on, the same way there is a VCR right now, and I m sure that will be the DVD player. Do you have any concerns over the durability issues of the media, as you re shipping them back and forth multiple times We now have a tremendous amount of experience shipping DVDs back and forth. We do in excess of 250,000 discs a week now. We used to pay a lot of attention to how durable they were. Now, we don t worry about it any more. So, people don t abuse them, obviously. Do you have an anticipated lifespan per rental disc Initially, we though the lifespan would be 30 to 40 roundtrips, but in reality we have some discs that have made 50 to 60 roundtrips and are still going strong. What we have found, interestingly enough (and we ve shared some of this with the studios), it is very dependent by title. There is something in the manufacturing process that renders some discs much
First, let s see what Contour effects enable you to do. One of the more popular uses is to simulate depth. Figure 21-21 shows two illustrations of climate zones in the Urals region of Russia. At left, uniform fills (solid colors) occupy the objects; at right, the same objects have Contour effects. In the contour version, the control objects still use uniform color, but the contour uses different colors for the outermost and innermost objects. This is one of the uses of the Contour effect. As with blends, intermediate objects are generated from the beginning object; however, you don t have to draw the end the inner object it s part of the Contour effect function. Because a high number of steps are used in the Contour effect, you can see a smooth color transition in most of the objects. Also note that some of the objects have a low number of intermediate objects, producing banding, which can be useful in your design work. Just use a low number of steps when drawing a map of the Steppes. Figure 21-22 shows two versions of the Contour effect applied to text. At top, a two-step Contour runs inside the word Opera, creating an engraved look. At bottom, 25 Contour steps are used outside the word to create a glowing effect; a duplicate of Opera with Linear transparency was put on top of the design as an embellishment. You do not have to convert text to curves to apply a Contour effect.
It reduces the manual configuration required per service. It facilitates architectures with multiple redundant interconnects.
Management by Exception or Negative Monitoring This can be a function of an agent or a manager. Sometimes not receiving a piece of information from a system is just as critical as receiving one. A system may become unresponsive without ever sending a trap. In cases like this, it is useful to have a periodic heartbeat a small message that says nothing more than I m here. If the agent or manager does not receive this heartbeat, an alert is generated for follow-up. We have found this type of monitoring to be a crucial part of the SME because not all platforms send alerts when they are supposed to. Network Monitoring and Tracing One of EdgeSight s key features is its ability to examine an ICA packet s entire roundtrip to and from a XenApp Server, and point to delays and bottlenecks in the trip. This is an important tool, because it can allow you to quickly know whether a delay is from an oversubscribed server or an oversubscribed network. In addition to looking at the Citrix-related traffic, though, a complete SME system must measure network traffic and problems between any two arbitrary points. It should follow established rules to do detailed monitoring on critical paths, such as between data centers, an Internet router, or between XenApp Servers and back-end database servers. Thresholds can be established that serve to guarantee acceptable performance and send alerts if those thresholds are reached. In many ways, the heavy reliance of an application infrastructure s environment on network performance makes this one of the most crucial monitoring functions. Effective monitoring in the SME can provide critical data for predictive analysis about when the network is approaching saturation before it ever happens. Therefore, we recommend implementing not only EdgeSight but additional network-focused tools that integrate into EdgeSight, such as the Citrix WANScaler. Figure 6-11 shows an EdgeSight network device summary report. Note the data regarding where the delays are occurring. Remote Diagnostics By using the Citrix s shadowing function, administrators can attach to and run a user s session anywhere on the network from a central location. Similarly, an SME should offer the ability to attach to network equipment and perform basic operations, such as uploading and downloading configurations and rebooting. If a particular node cannot be reached, the SME should provide enough data from surrounding nodes to determine what is wrong with the unresponsive equipment.
The interface provided to the user is referred to as the User-Network Interface (UNI). Interfaces between service providers (internal to the network, as far as the user is concerned) are referred to as Network-Network Interfaces (NNIs). As noted previously, frame relay supports the various physical interfaces recognized by ANSI and the ITU-T:
11. Error Analysis Compare your answers in Data Table 1 to the answers of other stu-
As the Internet s pervasiveness continues to grow, more organizations prefer to utilize browser interfaces. The Citrix Access Gateway component of Citrix XenApp Platinum Edition provides a secure, always-on, single point of access to all applications and protocols. It has all the advantages of both IPSec and SSL VPNs, without their costly and cumbersome implementation and management. With the Advanced Access Control option, Citrix Application Access Gateway finely controls both what enterprise resource can be accessed and what actions can be performed. This topic is discussed more thoroughly in 16.
Pointers can be arrayed like any other data type. The declaration for an int pointer array of size 3 is
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