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An enumeration is a set of named integer constants that specifies all the legal values that a variable of its type can have. Enumerations are common in everyday life. For example, an enumeration of the coins used in the United States is penny, nickel, dime, quarter, half-dollar, dollar Enumerations are defined by using the keyword enum to signal the start of an enumeration type. The general form is enum tag { enumeration-list } variable-list; Both the enumeration name tag and the variable-list are optional, but one of them must be present. The enumeration-list is a comma-separated list of identifiers. As with structures, the tag is used to declare variables of its type. The following fragment defines an enumeration called coin and declares money to be of that type:
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Installation Manager Application Deployment Recommendations
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Figure 7.23 One advantage of ESF loopbacks is that, with a Line loopback it is not possible if an error occurs
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Figure 16-1
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Table 11.1 Photovoltaic Panel Speci cations1
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Where F1 is the noise gure of a single ampli er and n is the number of ampli ers in cascade. For two ampli ers, 10 log 2 For four ampli ers, 10 log 4 For eight ampli ers, 10 log 8 10(0.903) 9 dB 10(0.602) 6 dB 10(0.301) 3 dB
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DNA strands separate when fully unwound.
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Events can be multicast. This enables multiple objects to respond to an event notification. Here is an event multicast example:
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Q: A:
Click-drag to create a freeform cut.
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Answer: c
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11: Review Questions and Answers
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absorbed-glass mat (AGM) batteries, 40 41 absorption cycle, 36, 37, 59, 60, 138 ABYC. See American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) air terminals, 77 alternating current (AC). See also circuits, AC ABYC standards, 145 46 advantages of, 129, 130 budget, guring, 131 34 color codes for conductors, 121, 126, 155, 163 converting to DC, 123 equivalent DC voltage, 116 17 frequency, 116, 118 frequency meters, 143, 248 grounding, 120, 121, 148, 164 66 impedance, 118, 124 measurement of, 124 25 Ohm s Law, 116 phase, 50 51, 115, 116 17, 118 polarity indicators, 149, 246 polarity testing, 127 power factor, 115, 118 production of, 50 51 recti cation, 52 54 resistance component of impedance, 124 safety, 115, 119 20, 145 short circuits, 120 sources, 130 voltage, 116 17, 124 alternators. See also voltage regulators belts, 63 charging setups, 61 62 DC output from, 52 54 excite circuits, 58, 69 galley alternator, 50 installation, 63 matching to load, 43, 49 operation of, 49, 50 56 pulley alignment, 63 rotors and brushes, 55 troubleshooting, 64 69 types of, 57 alternator-type generators, 140 aluminum, 89 American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) standards batteries, 46 bonding systems, 86 cathodic protection, 87, 91 galvanic isolators, 166
No discussion of Gigabit Ethernet would be complete without mentioning two of its key limitations. Those limitations are the bus speed and the disk transfer capacity of many servers, which cannot keep pace with the transmission rate of the technology and the lack of redundancy. BUS SPEED AND DISK TRANSFER To appreciate the importance of bus speed, consider Table 5.5, which lists the throughput in megabytes
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