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If you are a content producer you still have to worry about NTSC versus PAL for standard definition video and, now, will also have to worry about 60 Hertz (Hz) versus 50 Hertz for high definition content. In addition, you will have to chose whether to produce your content at 1280 720 resolution (progressive) and risk that some displays will automatically downscale to 720 480 because that s the only resolution they have that supports your frame rate. Or, you ll consider going with 1920 1080 progressive resolution and run the risk that the display either has to interlace the video or scale to a lower resolution, or both, because the display is not capable of showing 1920 1080 progressive video. In standard definition DVD terms, we have NTSC countries 60 hertz (Hz) power, 30 frames per second (fps) sized at 720 480 pixels, and PAL countries 50 hertz power, 25
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Once a service provider meets with an end user and decides which type of service will best meet the customer s needs, an internal order will be placed to establish that service for the customer. Sometimes the specific service will be straightforward, while at other times it will be described in detail in a contract between the customer and the carrier. In either case, the service must be provisioned so that it will meet the specific needs of the customer. Provisioning might include providing new lines to the customer premises and customizing ATM switch settings. Figure 12.11 illustrates three customers that have subscribed to different classes of service from the same carrier. In this example, all three customers use PVCs that have been provisioned in advance to meet their needs. Customer 1 is a medical center running a video telemedicine application between a medical school and a teaching hospital. Customer 2 is a large travel agency that uses the network to access reservation systems from airlines, hotels, and car rental companies. Customer 3 is a small engineering firm that uses the network for file transfer and e-mail. Each of these customers requires specific traffic and QoS parameters, which must be met by the network. In order to verify that each PVC has been provisioned correctly, traffic profiles with the subscribed parameters can be transmitted through
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Figure 30.2 Typical analyzer overhead monitoring screen.
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A hyperlink was simply a pointer to another Web page. It was the complete address to find the specified Web page. The link visible on the browser- presented Web page might say something innocuous like more info. If you viewed the source and searched for the HREF or the more info, following the href = will be the actual path to that page. Selecting the hyperlink caused a lot of background processing. The browser took the Universal Resource Locator (URL) and fabricated a query to that location just as though you had filled in that value manually in your browser window. It then set up a connection, downloaded the desired page, and terminated the connection.
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Delegates, Events, and Lambda Expressions
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Generalization hierarchies can be extended to more than one level. This practice can be useful in disciplines such as investments where knowledge is highly structured. In Fig ure 5.23, there are t w o levels o f subtypes beneath securities. Inheritance extends to all
This program displays the following output:
class IFExtend { static void Main() { MyClass ob = new MyClass(); ob.Meth1(); ob.Meth2(); ob.Meth3(); } }
Greater bandwidth for higher-speed applications Greater reliability, better performance, and security Simple connection and interaction with the network Cost savings
Did you run enough telephone cabling for future applications Are the wires in your new phone jack connected to the correct terminals In a loop system, are the wires in your existing RJ11 jack connected to the
The findnext( ) function continues a search started by findfirst( ). Both the findfirst( ) and findnext( ) functions return 0 on success and 1 on failure. On failure, errno is set to ENOENT (filename not found). _doserrno is set to either ENMFILE (no more files in directory) or ENOENT.
using DVD are cutting-edge, and should create a favorable impression of your company. Multiple camera angles: DVD video provides the capability for creators of discs to use multiple camera angles for the same scene. The viewer can then select a particular camera angle. This opens up a whole new arena of creativity for the lm-makers. For example, a DVD video compilation of, say, SuperBowls, might make available multiple camera angles, just like the broadcast show, but with the added advantage that you can choose which camera you want to use at any one time in the game. Multiple screen shapes: DVD video has the ability to play back video in different screen shapes. Current television screens are 4 units wide by 3 tall (a 4:3 aspect ratio). Theatre movies have aspect rations of 16:9. DVD video can play either, and, more importantly, a DVD disc can contain a movie in both aspect ratios, so you can choose which to view. Security: the DVD standard has built-in security capabilities. Originally conceived as a means of parental control over rented movies, this capability can be used as password protection for proprietary information in the corporate environment. Navigation: A DVD video disc has its own navigational system of menus and chapters. These chapters are just indexed places on the disc you can jump to directly. For a Hollywood movie, the chapters you can jump to are just pre-selected scenes or special trailers or added documentaries. Let's look at samples of navigation, and then see how the functionality can be used in the corporate environment.
For STP to function, the switches need to share information about themselves and their connections. What they share are Bridge Protocol Data Units (BPDUs), which are sent out as multicast frames to which only other layer 2 switches or bridges are listening. Switches will use BPDUs to learn the topology of the network: what switch is connected to other switches, and whether any layer 2 loops are based on this topology. If any loops are found, the switches will logically disable a port or ports in the topology to ensure that there are no loops. Note that they don t actually shut down the ports, but they place the port or ports in a special disabled state for user traffic, as discussed later in the Port States section. Based on this port disabling process in other words, from one device to any other device in the layer 2 network only one path can be taken. If any changes occur in the layer 2 network such as when a link goes down, a new link is added, a new switch is added, or a switch fails the switches will share this information, causing the STP algorithm to be re-executed, and a new loop-free topology is then created. By default, BPDUs are sent out every 2 seconds. This helps speed up convergence. Convergence is a term used in networking to describe the amount of time it takes to deal with changes and get the network back up and running. The shorter the time period to find and fix problems, the quicker your network is back online. Setting the BPDU advertisement time to 2 seconds allows changes to be quickly shared with all the other switches in the network, reducing the amount of time any disruption would create. BPDUs contain a lot of information to help the switches determine the topology and any loops that result from that topology. For instance, each bridge has a unique identifier, called a bridge or switch ID. This is typically the priority of the switch and the MAC address of the switch itself. When switches advertise a BPDU, they place their switch ID in the BPDU so that a receiving switch can tell from which switch it is receiving topology information. The following sections cover the steps that occur while STP is being executed in a layer 2 network.
Table B.3 BD Stream Data Rates
// Implement the Pythagorean Theorem. using System; class Pythagorean { static void Main() { double s1; double s2; double hypot; string str; Console.WriteLine("Enter length of first side: "); str = Console.ReadLine(); s1 = Double.Parse(str); Console.WriteLine("Enter length of second side: "); str = Console.ReadLine(); s2 = Double.Parse(str); hypot = Math.Sqrt(s1*s1 + s2*s2); Console.WriteLine("Hypotenuse is " + hypot); } }
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