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Often you will want to cycle through the elements in a collection. For example, you might want to display each element. One way to do this is to use a foreach loop, as the preceding examples have done. Another way is to use an enumerator. An enumerator is an object that implements either the non-generic IEnumerator or the generic IEnumerator<T> interface. IEnumerator defines one property called Current. The non-generic version is shown here: object Current { get; } For IEnumerator<T>, Current is declared like this: T Current { get; } In both cases, Current obtains the current element being enumerated. Since Current is a read-only property, an enumerator can only be used to retrieve, but not modify, the objects in a collection. IEnumerator defines two methods. The first is MoveNext( ): bool MoveNext( ) Each call to MoveNext( ) moves the current position of the enumerator to the next element in the collection. It returns true if the next element is available, or false if the end of the collection has been reached. Prior to the first call to MoveNext( ), the value of Current is undefined. (Conceptually, prior to the first call to MoveNext( ), the enumerator refers to the nonexistent element that is just before the first element. Thus, you must call MoveNext( ) to move to the first element.) You can reset the enumerator to the start of the collection by calling Reset( ), shown here: void Reset( )
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ob.set(1, 2); // access member of base; // access member of base ob.showk(); return 0; } // uses member of derived class
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Reporting and Analysis
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sp_link_publication '<Distributor>', '<Database>', '<Publication>', 0, 'SA', '<Pwd>' Where: Distributor = The name Database = The name of Publication = The name Pwd = The password for of the distributor server the published database on the distributor of the publication that is to be linked the SA account on the distributor
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Did you add a few extra feet of length to your coax and stereo cable
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Envelope shape copied from the object
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1 dx = lim (x + 1)1/3 0+
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Cellular Measurement Descriptions 418 Cellular Networks
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There is no gereral rule for determining the derivative of trigonometric functions. Each trigonometric function has a unique derivative. One will be done to demonstrate the approach. Consult the table of derivatives (pg. 182) for the derivative of each specific trigonometric function.
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Manager stoppages. The Security log can show issues with printer or driver security. The Application log can contain Citrix events that show errors in printer creation and driver installations. The Citrix events will typically report both the client-provided driver name (as installed on the client) and the server-side driver being used for printer creation.
Figure 10-4. CSC-SSM and processing of traffic
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3.85 and the distributed amplifier of Fig. 3.86 can function as linear Class A amplifiers. They can perform with high temperature stability without the assistance of the gain-reducing and stability-robbing emitter resistor. (The emitter resistor possesses a small value of inductance, which is a big problem in amplifier applications at high VHF and above.) No bias resistors are required because of the inclusion of the DC active bias circuit of Fig. 3.87, which includes a PNP biasing transistor and its associated diode. Figures 3.88 and 3.89 show the completed and biased amplifiers, both lumped and distributed. To design the active biasing network of Fig. 3.87 for a high-frequency Class A lumped or distributed amplifier: 1. Select an ID through the diode of 2 mA. 2. Select an appropriate IC for Class A bias of the RF transistor amplifier of Fig. 3.85 or 3.86. 3. Select a VCC for the active bias network that is approximately 2 or 3 V greater than the VCE required for the RF transistor of Fig. 3.85 or 3.86. 4. Select an RFC for the active bias circuit with an appropriate self-resonant frequency (SRF) that is greater than the frequency of operation. 5. Select both a silicon PNP transistor with a of at least 30 (a PNP is used so that the VCC may be a positive voltage) and a low-frequency silicon diode.
panels offers no advantage. Worse is the fact that the panels extend beyond the rail, where they are subject to damage while docking. Location D, in a horizontal frame on top of a radar arch, is both out of the way and free from shade. Location E, in a similar frame fastened to dinghy davits, is as good as Location D. It is shade-free, out of the way, and very secure.
Use a Point-and-Shoot Digital Camera Shoot Pictures with a High-End Digital Camera Shoot Images with a Digital SLR Set Image Size and Quality Saving the Maximum Number of Images to Your Memory Card Choose the Proper Metering Mode Shoot an Off-Center Subject Select an Auto-Focus Mode Focus on an Off-Center Subject Select a Shooting Mode Capture Images Using Aperture Priority Mode Capture Images Using Shutter Priority Mode Dealing with Digital Noise Increase Camera Sensitivity Zoom In on Your Subject Use Optical Zoom Use Digital Zoom Maximizing Camera Battery Life Set White Balance Auto-Rotate Images Shoot Movies with Your Digital Camera Maintain Your Equipment Clean a Digital SLR Image Sensor Protect Your Camera Lens
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When you want to connect to an application on a destination host, the source port field in the TCP or UDP header will have a dynamically assigned port; the destination port field will have either a well-known or registered port number, depending on the application to which you are connecting. The destination host can use this information to determine what application needs to process the session data. You can find a list of the port numbers and names at port-numbers. Note that some of the applications support TCP, some UDP, and some both, such as DNS. DNS uses UDP for DNS queries and resolutions, but it uses TCP to copy name resolution tables between DNS servers.
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