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Strategy Maps
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TABLE 25-17
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9.5.2 Major Repairs
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There are some features on the higher end that are OK. But they re really gimmicks you shouldn t let dazzle you. The best example is the ability to print directly from your digital camera. Some printers add on a small LCD screen and some push-button controls to do rudimentary retouching, such as brightness and contrast.
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A former database student made this comment about the database of a large computer retailer.
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IPX, and AppleTalk.The DUAL algorithm is used to build a loop-free routing topology.
Written September 2000, updated August 2008. Clarifies Standard S2, Independence, and Standard S3, Professional Ethics and Standards. This guideline expands on the concept and practice of auditor independence so that the auditor can better understand how to apply audit standards and perform audits objectively and independently.
Engineering Activities
n 16, we looked at macros and how to record them a little bit. In this chapter, we will see an overview of how to write a simple macro in VBA. I hope that this primer will get you started on your own road to mastery of this really easy-to-use and powerful language. The main purpose for using VBA in our model is to be able to manipulate elements in the model s cells and worksheets. VBA itself should not be used to do calculations on the worksheet. That s the work of the formulas and functions that we have created in the model. The term macro is generally used to describe any code also called a procedure that can be run to manipulate and produce some effect on the balance sheet. There is, however, another type of macro called the function macro for developing your own functions. This is covered briefly at the end of this chapter.
SSL VPNs: Clientless
Citrix Access Suite 4 Advanced Concepts: The Official Guide
uses contravariance to enable IncrA( ) to be passed to the delegate because IncrA( ) has an X parameter, but the delegate has a Y parameter. This works because, with contravariance, if the parameter type of the method passed to a delegate is a base class of the parameter type used by the delegate, then the method and the delegate are compatible. The next line is also legal, but this time it is because of covariance:
As the comments in this program indicate, both derived1 and derived2 inherit base. However, derived3 inherits both derived1 and derived2. As a result, there are two copies of base present in an object of type derived3, so that in an expression like
The lock keyword is used when creating multithreaded programs. It is examined in detail in 23, where multithreaded programming is discussed. A brief description is given here for the sake of completeness.
AC ammeter
Citrix Access Suite 4 Advanced Concepts: The Official Guide
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