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To Skip Installation of the Citrix Presentation Server Console
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As a general rule, leave the context name as the default until you have added all tables, loops, and contexts. This makes the universe designer s life easier, as Designer will automatically add the table to an existing context, when you use Detect Contexts. With this semiautomatic insertion, you may never want to rename contexts. However, it is not the friendliest situation for users. When users launch a query involving a potential loop, they will have to select a context. If the context name uses the default table name, it may not be user friendly. It s always better to make life harder for one designer than for hundreds of users! In the following example, I have renamed the context Product Promotion Fact to Promotion. You can rename a context either while initially defining the context or after you have added the context to the universe. To rename the context after it has been defined, 1. Select the Context from the list. 2. Use the pull-down menu Edit | Context Properties or right-click the context name and select Context Properties. 3. In the Context Name box, enter a business-oriented name; replace Product Promotion Facts with Promotion. 4. In the Description box, enter help text that will appear when users are prompted to select a context. For example, BusinessObjects XI is not sure how to answer your question. If you want to know which articles were promoted in a certain time period, select the Promotion context. If you want to know which articles sold in a certain time period, select the Sales context.
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Percent of Target Incentive 150% 125% 110% 105% 100% 75% 25% 0
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security governance Management s control over an organization s security program. security guards Personnel who control passage at entry points or roam building premises looking for security issues such as unescorted visitors. security incident An event where the confidentiality, integrity, or availability of information (or an information system) has been compromised. security incident response The formal, planned response that is enacted when a security incident has occurred. See also security incident. security policy See information security policy. security requirements Formal statements that describe the required security characteristics that a system must support. segregation of duties The concept that ensures single individuals do not possess excess privileges that could result in unauthorized activities such as fraud or the manipulation or exposure of sensitive data. separation of duties See segregation of duties. Serial Line Interface Protocol (SLIP) A network protocol used to transport TCP/IP packets over point-to-point serial connections (usually RS-232). server A centralized computer used to perform a specific task.
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Blu-ray Disc Demystified
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The 3-Point Ellipse Tool enables you to create ellipses at precise angles.
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FIGURE 11.9.
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NOTE The Rank function by default resets the ranking over a table break or section. TIP For easy ranking, use the Ranking button from the toolbar. Use the function when you wish to
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At the conclusion of the task, the draft concept study report, plans, and recommendations (report) will be prepared for use at the value engineering/constructability workshop. The report will include a certi cation statement by the licensed professional engineer under whose direction the inspection was conducted. 2. Contents of report: The draft concept study report shall include: Condition assessment Scour vulnerability assessment Discussion of alternatives, including a discussion of potential impacts for each alternative Recommended repairs/remediation, including supporting justi cation Requirements for design, including required survey, geotechnical evaluation, and hydraulic analysis A list of applicable permits, including the permit cost and the anticipated duration to obtain the permit Right-of-way requirements, including a discussion of required temporary construction easements, if any MPT requirements, including sketches and/or conceptual plans for construction staging and detours Construction costs Anticipated construction schedule
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1. Click on the chart. 2. Right-click to invoke the pop-up menu. Select Turn Chart To.
This form of privacy is also known as the freedom of the individual to limit access to certain personal information about him or herself. The Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit has defined this phrase as the individual interest in avoiding disclosure of personal matters . 10 In his classic 1967 study, Privacy and Freedom, scholar Alan Westin defines it as the claim of individuals to determine for themselves when, how, and to what extent information about them is communicated to others. 11 Similarly, Professor Lawrence Lessig, drawing heavily
The C# Language
You can apply transparency effects to each individual symbol using the Object Properties docker (ALT+ENTER), shown at left, which is opened by right-clicking the instance and choosing Properties or by clicking the Object Properties button in the Property Bar.
Chain Rule
Unless project team members have no other responsibilities, management also needs to establish priorities for the team and for each team member. Because most or all project team members will probably have other responsibilities, management needs to be very clear on where project activities fall on the priority list. Management also needs to express its support for the project schedule and important project milestones, so that all project team members are aware of management s objectives for timely project completion. This will help to motivate project team members to start and complete tasks on time. NOTE A project kickoff meeting is an effective way to convey these messages: management can gauge project team members interest in their body language. A meeting is also an effective way to discuss issues and answer questions in real time.
Claim frames. Claim frames are sent by any station that is inserting into the ring, is removing from the ring, has not received a frame or token within a reasonable time, or has detected a high bit-error rate. Claim frames also are sent when a station wishes to send frames more frequently than the already negotiated Token Rotation Time (TRT).
#include <ctype.h> #include <stdio.h> int main(void) { char ch; for(;;) { ch = getchar(); if(ch==' ') break; if(isalpha(ch)) printf("%c is a letter\n", ch); } return 0; }
A primary purpose of requiring biometrics is to make certain that national identification card holders have their identities frozen or fixed; they are not and cannot masquerade as another identity in the pool of ID card holders in the U.S. In other words, One ID card holder, one identity. This use of biometrics is also referred to as negative identification, and is similar to the social services applications of biometrics as discussed in 13. The following example illustrates freezing or fixing identity in the national ID context. John Doe, with supporting documentation, applies for his national ID card in Virginia where he has one issued. He then appears as Richard Roe with supporting documentation and applies for a national ID card in Kentucky. If only a check of the name is run to determine if the same person has previously applied for a card, no hit is made because John Doe does not match Richard Roe. John Doe/Richard Roe thus receives two national ID cards. By using a biometric capable of identification in a large-scale database, John Doe/Richard Roe would not be able to hide from the fact that he had applied for an ID card, because while John Doe/Richard Roe can fraudulently change his name and get fraudulent supporting documentation, he cannot so easily alter his biometric. When Richard Roe applies, his biometric would be taken and would match John Doe and his previous application in Virginia. The use of the biometric is crystal clear in theory but the conceptual waters soon get muddied as reality intrudes. This use of a biometric to freeze a person s identity is not a silver bullet. It only freezes identity terrorists and other ne er-do-wells can still apply for and receive national ID cards. Also terrorists or other ne er-do-wells can still apply for and receive national ID cards using an alias identity; however, they are effectively locked into only one identity whether it is their true name or their alias. Moreover, to freeze identity effectively means that the U.S. government must collect biometrics from all citizens and other residents. The national identity card and biometric enrollment must be mandatory. Thus the U.S. government must confront difficult political and policy considerations because exempting certain people from this biometric enrollment requirement jeopardizes the security of
Exploring the System Namespace
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Use base to call different forms of the TwoDShape constructor.
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