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number of payable days, the more favorable it is for the company. Not paying a supplier means that the company is able to get an interest-free loan from its supplier. (This is a receivables collection issue from the supplier s point of view.) The denominator is cost of goods sold, and not sales, because the unpaid bills usually relate to purchases of inventory. In production, inventory is used up and that use is recognized as cost of goods sold. A low payable days number means that the company has an efficient payment system, which is well and good in itself. A higher number can mean that the company has a strong enough buying power to delay its payments and still not have its suppliers abandon it. Beyond a certain limit, and this is a judgment call, a high number can mean the deterioration of its cash position, and therefore its ability to pay its bills. Cost of goods sold/accounts payable is the payable turnover ratio. It shows how many times in the year that the company has completely repaid its suppliers. [(Current Assets Cash) (Current Liabilities Short-Term Debt)]/Sales [(Current assets cash) (current liabilities short-term debt)]/ sales, or Operating working capital/sales, is an interesting ratio and bears some attention. The numerator is almost like working capital, but not quite. This is why I am using the term operating working capital, or OWC. For highlighting the operating decisions of a company, working capital (or, current assets minus current liabilities) has a flaw. Because it includes cash and cash equivalents and also short-term debt both of which are related to financing decisions working capital gives an unclear measure of the purely operating current investments a company has to make in its balance sheet. This is understandable as the original intent of working capital is to show the cushion that it has for meeting its current obligations. For this reason, it is useful to look at current assets without cash and cash equivalents minus current liabilities without any sort of short-term debt. This will show only the company s
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You can have your router resolve hostnames to IP addresses in two ways: static and dynamic (using DNS). You can create a static resolution table using this command:
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Support Programs: Territories, Quotas, and Crediting
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4: General Gynecology
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364, 1994, Farmington Hills, MI. Guide for Making a Condition Survey of Concrete in Service, (ACI 201.R-92), American Concrete Institute, Committee 201, 1992, Farmington Hills, MI. Guide for Selecting Concrete Repair Materials, International Concrete Repair Institute, Guideline No. 03733, 1997. Guide for Surface Preparation for the Repair of Deteriorated Concrete Resulting from Reinforcing Steel Corrosion, International Concrete Repair Institute, Guideline No. 03730, 1995. Guide for Using In-Situ Tensile Pull-Off Tests to Evaluate Bond of Concrete Surface Materials, International Concrete Repair Institute, Guideline No. 03739, 1997. Guide to Curing Concrete, (ACI 308R-01), American Concrete Institute, Committee 308, 2001, Farmington Hills, MI. Guide to the Use of Waterproo ng, Damproo ng Protective, and Decorative Barriers for Concrete, American Concrete Institute, Committee 515, 1985, Farmington Hills, MI. Selecting and Specifying Concrete Surface Preparation for Sealers, Coatings, and Polymer Overlays, International Concrete Repair Institute, Guideline No. 03732, 1997. Smoak, W. G., Guide to Concrete Repair, U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Reclamation Technical Service Center, April 1997. Standard Speci cation for Liquid Membrane-Forming Compounds for Curing Concrete, American Society for Testing and Materials, C 309, 1998, West Conshohocken, PA.
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6.1.2 Interoperability testing
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By default, only statistics for ACLs are enabled. To enable all the threat statistics on the appliance, use the threat-detection statistics command:
none No border is drawn. The primary side effect of this value is that the computed border-width for the border in question will be set to 0. hidden Equivalent to none, except in the context of tables which are rendered with the collapsed-border model (see border-collapse for more details). This value cannot be used in conjunction with outlines (see outline-style for more details).
The MAC supports several paths along which frames move. Frames added by the MAC either directly, or indirectly from the client, are transmitted via the add paths. Frames
delivery of Ethernet services with the delivery of circuit services over the burgeoning SONET infrastructure. This drove the need for network elements that could carry Ethernet over SONET. The fundamental technical issue with EoS technology is the mapping of Ethernet frames, which ride on asynchronous interfaces, within synchronous SONET payloads. While there is nothing technically foreboding about this (recall that SONET was invented to carry plesiochronous signals within synchronous payloads), the industry first needed to define a standard set of protocols to map Ethernet frames into the SONET SPE. Two methods of mapping Ethernet into SONET emerged in the mid-1990s. Ethernet over asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) proved a natural choice, since ATM s future looked bright at that time, and standards, including the ATM Forum s user network interface (UNI) 3.1 specification [4], already included a mapping of ATM cells into SONET payloads. If Ethernet frames could be mapped into ATM cells, then they could be carried over SONET. The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) defined the mapping of Ethernet into ATM in the well-known Request for Comments (RFC) specification, RFC 1483 (now superseded by RFC 2684 [5]). Fujitsu s FASTLANE product, first introduced in 1997, featured one of the industry s first ATM-based EoS implementations. FASTLANE comprised a set of plug-in cards for Fujitsu s popular FLM 150 ADM system. Figure 11.3a illustrates the FLM 150 ADM. Meanwhile, several router vendors were developing SONET-based router interfaces using the point-to-point protocol (PPP) and high-level data-link control (HDLC) protocol to map IP packets into the SONET payload [6, 7]. Some SONET ADM vendors adopted a variant of this method to map Ethernet frames into SONET. Positron s Osiris product (shown in Figure 11.3b) featured an early implementation of PPP/HDLC-based EoS.
Servers. Servers (Figure 2.16) can be used as gateways, security filters, proxy servers, and routers. Routing is a common function provided by IPX servers, but it can impact the server s performance. Server-based routing performs poorly compared to dedicated routers, but is fine for small networks. (This is not universally true, however; a portion of the Internet backbone runs on IBM RS6000 servers.) As firewalls, unless they are configured properly, servers can compromise network security; they must be treated with caution when used as an interconnect device. As routers, they can have unpredictable results in larger networks; an AppleTalk server, if started with routing turned on, will inform all other routers in the vicinity that all traffic should be forwarded to it. LAN switches. LAN switches (Figure 2.17) are basically very fast multiport bridges. Full media bandwidth is supplied to each port on the device, and a very fast back-
In both cases, coupling a uniform optical power into the device at all wavelengths is unnecessary. A calibration sweep, in which the power transmitted through a short fiber cable is measured and recorded as a function of wavelength, can be made. The results of a second sweep with the device in place can then be subtracted (expressed in dB) from the calibration sweep to obtain the spectral loss. 28.5 Polarization, Birefringence, and Polarization Dependent Loss (PDL) Just as unexpected loss in an optical network can result in poor transmission quality, variations in loss can lead to changes in a network s performance over time. One mechanism that can lead to loss variation is the interaction of fiber birefringence (described in section 28.5.2) and the polarization-dependent loss (PDL) of an optical component. Whereas the loss of a device describes the reduction in transmitted optical power, PDL describes how much the loss changes as the polarization is varied over all possibilities. Even when components of a network are completely stable from a mechanical standpoint, the birefringence of fiber cables can be expected to drift over time, leading to performance variations because of the effects of PDL. Understanding this phenomenon requires some acquaintance with optical polarization. A brief introduction is provided here; the interested reader is directed to other texts, cited in the chapter references, in which the topic is treated in greater depth (Kliger et al., 1990; Collet, 1993).
HKLM\Software\Citrix Under this key add DWORD: AdminBlockGoToMeeting Set the value to 1.
An Off-the-Shelf Curtis PWM DC Motor Controller
Type of AASHTO primary and secondary loads and speci ed load factors, Table 5.5. Permanent Loads D Downdrag C Dead load of structural components and nonstructural attachments W Dead load of wearing surfaces and utilities H Horizontal earth pressure load S Earth surcharge load V Vertical pressure from dead load of earth ll LL Vehicular live load Transient Loads Description LS Live load surcharge BR Vehicular braking force PL Pedestrian live load CE Vehicular centrifugal force SE Settlement CR Creep SH Shrinkage CT Vehicular collision force TG Temperature gradient CV Vessel collision force TU Uniform, temperature EQ Earthquake WA Water load and stream pressure FR Friction WL Wind on live load IC Ice load WS Wind load on structure IM Vehicular dynamic load allowance Note: The above notations and abbreviations are adopted by AASHTO (see Table 5.5).
public MyClass(int i, int j) { alpha = i; beta = j; } // Return true if ob contains the same values as the invoking object. public bool SameAs(MyClass ob) { if((ob.alpha == alpha) & (ob.beta == beta)) return true; else return false; } // Make a copy of ob. public void Copy(MyClass ob) { alpha = ob.alpha; beta = ob.beta; } public void Show() { Console.WriteLine("alpha: {0}, beta: {1}", alpha, beta); } } class PassOb { static void Main() { MyClass ob1 = new MyClass(4, 5); MyClass ob2 = new MyClass(6, 7); Console.Write("ob1: "); ob1.Show(); Console.Write("ob2: "); ob2.Show(); if(ob1.SameAs(ob2)) Console.WriteLine("ob1 and ob2 have the same values."); else Console.WriteLine("ob1 and ob2 have different values."); Console.WriteLine(); // Now, make ob1 a copy of ob2. ob1.Copy(ob2); Console.Write("ob1 after copy: "); ob1.Show(); if(ob1.SameAs(ob2)) Console.WriteLine("ob1 and ob2 have the same values."); else Console.WriteLine("ob1 and ob2 have different values."); } }
Open following web page after Secure Desktop closes Checking this box and entering a URL in the field ensures that the Secure Session automatically opens a web page when it closes. Secure Delete The Secure Session encrypts and writes itself to the remote PC disk drive. Upon termination, it executes a U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) sanitation algorithm, overwriting the session information with random characters X number of times (passes), where the default is three passes. Launch the following application after installation application after Secure Desktop closes. Launches the specified
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