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Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting Services
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As this ratio decreases, the variations stabilize but the gain of the amplifier will decrease. An RB /RE ratio of 10 or less will usually give a very stable design. Class A amplifiers with either inductor or LC resonant tank collector loads (Fig. 3.76) are able to have a lower VCC and less power losses than circuits employing a resistive load at the collector. This is because the DC voltage drop across the collector load (the inductor) is at a very low value equal to its DC resistance. Since the inductor or inductor/capacitor combination forces the average voltage to be approximately VCC at the transistor s collector instead of half the VCC when a collector resistor is used the RF will swing 1VCC above this average VCC value present at the collector down to approximately 0 V. This effectively doubles the voltage at the output of the transistor. In designing small signal amplifiers, the collector current does not necessarily have to be at the middle of the transistor s IC(MAX), as it will be amplifying only low signal levels. The IC can be chosen to be in the most linear part of its characteristic curve, and at a low enough amplitude that DC power dissipation is at a minimum; but not so low that any RF signal will be too near cutoff, or at excess distortion levels, or where the stage gain will suffer. However, most IC values, as well as VCE values, will be chosen to conform to the S-parameter files available for ease of design and simulation. It must be kept in mind that after calculating the matching network for an amplifier with the existing S parameters, we must also calculate the bias components with the very same VCE and IC that were used to originally measure these S parameters, and as are shown in the *.S2P file, or the active device s impedances will not be correct, since ZIN/ZOUT varies with changes in IC and VCE.
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The prototypes for disable( ) and _disable( ) are in <dos.h>. These macros are not defined by the ANSI/ISO C/C++ standard. The disable( ) and _disable( ) macros disable interrupts. The only interrupt that they allow is the NMI (nonmaskable interrupt). Use this function with care because many devices in the system use interrupts.
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Capacitance and Inductance
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Nested switch Statements
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The Japanese rise in and now domination of the electric drive world is remarkable and still continuing. From the Lexus to the Prius to the Camry, hybrid drive is a world-class drive system. From the Toyota RAV4 EV I drove to the plug-in-hybrid cars they will inevitably launch in the future, Japan is an automotive power. Even before they achieved world dominance in the internal combustion engine vehicle in the 1980s, leading visionaries at Japan s state planning agencies had seen the future, and it was electric vehicles. Japan needed little incentive it was the world s largest importer of oil, had dangerous levels of pollution, and high speeds on its narrow, urban streets were a fact of life. While the Japanese Electric Vehicle Association and its tight coordination with MITI directives did not arrive on the scene until 1976, Japanese government funding of EV programs began in 1971 with Phase I basic research into batteries, motors, control systems, and components across the spectrum of car, truck, and bus platforms. The fruits of its labors, augmented by MITI directives to focus on urban acceleration and range, appeared in Phase II. As Table 3-1 attests, Japan s 1970s Phase II offerings from Daihatsu, Toyota, Mazda, and Nissan put it into a world-leadership class. The Nissan EV-4P truck s 188 miles before recharging was a record for lead-acid batterypowered vehicles, and its EV-4H truck s 308 miles was the world record for that period. Throughout the rest of the 1970s all Japan s big nine automakers Daihatsu, Honda, Isuzu, Mazda (Toyo Kogyo), Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru, Suzuki, and Toyota were involved in EV activities, although some to a greater extent than others (see Figure 3-7).
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This page intentionally left blank
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Envelop Delay (usec)
CH: REF +20.0 dBmV MKR
Choke. The distributed choke is RF grounded (a grounded stub) through a distributed or lumped capacitor (Fig. 1.41); or by a direct connection through a via to the ground plane (Fig. 1.42). The width of a distributed choke is that of 100ohm microstrip for the substrate s dielectric (ZL 100 ohms, 100 ohms is the impedance of the microstrip only, and not that of the equivalent choke). Find the microstrip width required for this 100-ohm value either by using one of the many microstrip calculation programs available free on the Web (such as HP s AppCad, or AWR s TXLine, or Daniel Swanson s MWTLC) or by calculating with the microstrip formulas above. The length of the choke will be exactly VP /4, or 90 degrees electrical. The distributed choke is theoretically now a complete open circuit because the distributed circuit is at precisely /4. The equivalent choke can be used in the bias decoupling circuit of Fig. 1.43. L acts as a shorted quarter-wave stub because of the RF ground provided by C; RBIAS and C1 function as low-frequency decoupling [RBIAS can also act as a
Router(config)# interface type [slot_#/]port_# Router(config-if)# ipv6 rip tag enable
x = x - 1;
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